Employee Recognition

Welcome to our employee recognition page. We have launched an employee recognition scheme to recognise and celebrate our teams hard work and dedication. The winner is communicated across the business and to our customers every month.



Sam Metcalf | Shredall Driver

Recognised for the second time in 6 months due to being a team player. Sam is always on hand to help at both Shredall and SDS Document Storage, he has a great personality and gets along with all of the team. Sam always goes above and beyond trying to get as much work done as possible, this includes going to the Scotland depot to help when needed.

Congratulations Sam | May 2022 Winner


Craig McClellan | Warehouse Operative/ Labourer

Over the past few months Craig has shown a dedication and maturity beyond his years. He has just recently completed his apprenticeship and has continued to show great work ethic. Craig works away at least two nights a week, he’s a constant gentleman and a pleasure to work with. Congratulations - this is very well deserved.

Congratulations Craig | April 2022 Winner


Noemie Bobillon | Assistant to Directors

Noemie is hard working, pragmatic and enthusiastic. She is always willing to help across multiple projects and is currently helping to transform the business by taking a lead role in implementing new software. She always brings her good sense of humour and smile to work each and every day!

Congratulations Noemie | March 2022 Winner


Clarence Moyo | Group Account Manager

Clarence deserves this month’s recognition as he has consistently hit excellent sales figures all financial year. He has worked extra hard this month which hasn't gone unnoticed and always has a smile on his face. Clarence plays a crucial role in his team and the company’s success.

Congratulations Clarence | February 2022 Winner


Edward McCormack | Shredall Scotland Warehouse Operative/ Driver

Eddie works hard and holds the company and its reputation close to his heart. He is professional, has excellent customer care skills and is very motivated. Eddie's hard work and dedication to the business since he started has been truly outstanding.

Congratulations Eddie | January 2022 Winner



Sam Metcalf | Shredall Driver

Sam has been an asset to the operations team this month, he has assisted colleagues with their work load and has worked tirelessly on long runs servicing clients up and down the country.

Congratulations Sam | December 2021 Winner


Dan Williams | SDS Document Storage & Scanning Driver

Dan is this month's winner. Dan has received several positive feedbacks this month and worked incredibly long hours to get jobs done. Dan will always try to help our customers where he can and is a great asset to SDS Document Storage and Scanning.

Congratulations Dan | November 2021 Winner


Cameron | Compliance Apprentice

Cameron is this month’s winner, he is making an amazing impression across the business with his IT knowledge and hands on approach.

He has been really helpful on a couple of recent projects we are working on and a great person to work with.

Congratulations Cameron | October 2021 Winner


Katie | Business Administrator

Katie is a hardworking, polite, diligent worker who moves through large volumes of work with ease.

She keeps us on track with all contracts and has a large amount of knowledge. Katie is an absolute pleasure to have working here.

Congratulations Katie | September 2021


Jason Darling | Shredall Driver

Jason has been an outstanding member throughout the month of August, he has worked some long days with us in a busy period without a moan and inducted new starters into the business with his high standards and work ethic. Jason is extremely hardworking and is a pleasure to work with.

Congratulations Jason | August 2021 Winner


James Johnson | SDS Driver

James rises to the occasion constantly and has been a huge contributing factor to how well SDS Document Storage runs when managers are absent from the business. James has worked very well with other departments. He is calm and logical when problems arise. He uses initiative to self-teach parts of our software he didn’t know about. He is friendly, hardworking and is doing a great job. Our customers really like James and often comment that nothing is too much trouble. He is a great asset to the company.

Congratulations James | July 2021 Winner


Karen | Scotland Office Manager

Karen is hardworking and passionate. She has turned her hand to lots of tasks, working 14 hour days and knows the process front to back. Karen is working hard to keep Scotland moving in the right direction and has turned her hand to almost everything in the Scotland depot through the month of June. She is a great team player and we are lucky to have her on board.

Congratulations Karen | June 2021 Winner


Kayleigh | Marketing and Business Executive

Always helpful, supportive and cheerful. Kayleigh has recently adjusted to a new role and has taken new responsibilities in her stride. Kayleigh is willing, organised and open to challenges. She works super hard (often in the background) simply making things happen! She has shown she is diligent, determined and hardworking and is a great asset to Shredall SDS Group.

Congratulations Kayleigh | May 2021 Winner


Derek | Shredall Driver

Derek has received fantastic customer feedback from numerous clients at multiple sites. He has also received this from the internal operations team. His personable approach and willingness to do more and help other members of the team has been apparent throughout the month, he is a pleasure to work with.

Derek has a can do attitude that has been noticed by a lot of colleagues at Shredall SDS Group.

Congratulations Derek | April 2021 Winner


Matthew | SDS Warehouse Operative

Matthew Radford, Matt has only been with the SDS Document Storage side of the business for 3 months and has become a house favourite around the workplace. He has showed great work ethic and has an exemplary attitude. He is a happy and positive member of the team and is going over and beyond with a large project. He is working fast and is very accurate with his job, always going above and beyond what we ask of him and has mastered picking, refiling and destructions like he’s been here for 5 years. Matt deserves massive credit for all his hard work.

Congratulations Matthew | March 2021 Winner


Robert | Scotland Business Development Executive

Robert has gone above and beyond in his role from Sales to Warehouse, Compliance and Operational matters too. He really has put everything into keeping things going, working hard and being a team player.

Congratulations | February 2021 Winner


James | Operations & Compliance Apprentice

James has been recognised this month for his tireless support and drive in helping the business and team through the hefty compliance workload and ISO audit schedule that we have faced post-furlough.

Quite simply, his commitment, maturity and passion for his work have been invaluable. James goes over and beyond during the intense audit cycles and is very hands on.

Congratulations | January 2021 Winner



John Senior | Shredall Labourer

John is a great guy, he's adaptable and isn't afraid of hard work. He's a team player, who will always do his best and is a great asset to Shredall SDS Group.

Congratulations | December 2020 Winner


Maureen | Assistant Accountant

Maureen goes above and beyond with all her duties, whether that be completing the daily Covid cleaning in the mornings, loading and unloading dishwashers or dealing with invoices, credit notes and receipts.

Maureen is a team player , hugely reliable and always the first to arrive at the office in the morning. Maureen always completes her job tasks and anything requested from her with no questions asked.

Congratulations Maureen | November 2020 Winner