Lots of patients means lots of patient records, but it can be so hard to find the time and the space to manage everything effectively. The Shredall SDS group works with NHS trusts, hospitals and other medical services to help keep your documents organised, secure and safe from loss or accidental damage.

Personal data of the nature that the NHS and private medical businesses have to keep for their patients should be treated with the utmost care, in accordance with the Data Protection Act. But in the busy, non-stop environment of a hospital it’s very difficult to keep on top of everything. Our document management solutions, including storage, shredding and scanning, give you a range of ways to get everything under control and keep it that way.

Read how we helped the Calderdale & Huddersfield NHS trust review their document security and implement improved practices for the future.

Secure and confidential document shredding is the most effective, permanent solution if you have a backlog of documents that you don’t need to access in physical form anymore. This could be anything from everyday paper waste, to forms containing potentially sensitive patient information.

For hospitals and trusts, on-site shredding is often the best way to deal with the situation, with our fleet of state of the art shredding vehicles available to come to your premises and shred your unwanted documents then and there. In other cases, you may prefer to gather the paper together for collection so that we can take it back to our secure facilities for off-site shredding. Our staff are all fully vetted and trained, giving you the confidence that your documents are in safe hands.

If you need access to documents in the future but still need to clear space and get things organised, our document storage services will be preferable to permanent destruction. Documents entering our warehouse for storage will be indexed for easy retrieval in the future, so that we can send them to you with next-day delivery if one of your team members needs access.

The real organisational benefit to using the Shredall SDS Group’s shredding or storage services is that we can quickly scan any documents that you need more regular access to you, making them available to authorised staff via a secure online portal. This means that anyone in your organisation who needs to see a particular document can view and print them any time, any place, assuming they have the right level of authority to do so. If you have staff working off-site for patient visits or other reasons, this can be a much better way of operating than carrying paperwork in a vulnerable bag or briefcase.

Alongside our document management solutions, you may be interested in hard drive destruction - to safely dispose of old IT equipment - or textile destruction, which will help you ensure that old uniforms never fall into the wrong hands.

For any of our services, the best way to find out more is to get in touch with us. The form at the bottom of the page allows you to get a quick quote with no fuss, or you can call your closest office to speak about anything you’ve read here in more detail. Our staff are friendly and focused on helping you - whatever problem you’re facing, we’ll do our best to help you find a solution.