Providing professional services for members of the public and other businesses leads to a quick build up of sensitive paperwork that can cause problems if left unchecked. In order to increase your efficiency and minimise the risk of data breaches, you need to get on top of all that paperwork that’s floating around and stay on top. That’s what we’re here for.

The Shredall SDS group provides a range of services that help professional services businesses like yours keep the office organised and tidy, whilst maintaining access to the documents that you need most. We’ve worked with a range of companies across the professional services sector, so we’ve seen firsthand how documents can build up and get out of control, but we also have firsthand experience of helping our clients to get organised and put good practices in for the longer term.

When documents have built up to unmanageable levels, it’s nearly always the case that there’s a lot of junk lying around that you simply don’t need anymore, but this junk gets in the way of important documents when you’re looking for them. Document shredding is one of the most secure, efficient solutions to this problem, with fully trained and vetter members of Shredall’s team able to travel to your office to shred on-site with our state of the art mobile shredders, or to collect paper waste for shredding at our secure facility. Talk to us today to work out whether this is a one-off job or something that we need to work with you on over a number of weeks.

Read more about the work we’ve done for professional services, with this story of a global law firm based in London.

For documents that you might want to access in their original form, document storage at our secure warehouse facility is ideal. When they’re stored in our facility, they’re assigned an index number which means they can be easily located to be sent to you in the future. With one-day delivery, your documents can be with you quickly and easily if you ever require them for any reason. In our warehouse, the documents will be safe from loss, theft or accidental damage, so it’s a great place to put important items like legal documents and historic business records.

Regardless of whether you choose to store or shred your documents, our document scanning services are available, giving you online access to anything that you need without having to send it in the post. Our online portal is completely secure and accessible to any of your team members that are authorised. This mean that they can access archived documents any time, any place - even if the original has been shredded.

With so many ways that we could help you, the best way to work out what your professional services business needs is to call us. You’ll be able to speak to one of our friendly staff members, who can work with you to determine the best course of action. You can also get a quick quote by filling out the form at the bottom of the page.