Published 31st of October 2016

Written by Macauley Hayes - Compliance and Operations assistant.

Recently at Shredall SDS Group we have undertaken our annual core values day. This is where all the team from the Document Shredding, Storage, Scanning departments and members from Scotland, London, Birmingham and Nottingham get together and discuss achievements made within the previous year and aims for the upcoming year.

Each department carries out a short presentation detailing their aims and objectives to all the other members of staff. This benefits all parties as it gives you a better understanding of each department alongside what they have been achieving or are going to achieve for the upcoming year. We have been carrying out the core values day for over 4 years now and I feel they get better by the year.

My manager Carole presented a discussion on company compliance which included our achievements, key challenges, objectives, development of the department, future training requirements, internal and external issues and any large purchases/costs upcoming in the next year. It was great to see the input which was given from each member of staff for all the discussions and I feel that everyone who attended went away learning something new – which always helps.

A bonus to round the day off was lunch on our company chairman Lloyd (my request of pizza didn’t seem to get heard though).

All in all our company core values are what thrive the business - I learnt a great deal form the other presentations on the day, namely sales, marketing, operations and accounts which helped me get a better understanding of each department and confirm that we all share the same thought processes – "one team one goal".

See our Core Values here.