Published 10th of January 2017

Written by Leigh – SDS Account & Project Manager

A common grumble from our customers is whilst archive boxes are awaiting collection for off-site storage, their employees take a file they need out of the box and back to their desks.

The box inventory is then incorrect. A few weeks or months later the file is requested out of archive storage but it is not in the box. It is now missing and there is no record of where the file went to.

The loss of a file could result in data protection fines, court costs not to mention loss of customers and reputation.

SDS offer a file validation service to prevent you from losing your greatest asset; information.

We add a barcode and scan each file as it enters storage. On completion, we send an up to date inventory back to our customer who can reconcile and update their original inventory.

Files are kept track of at all times – whether they are at your office or ours.

Learn more about File Validation at our Lunch and Learn session on Wednesday 8th March.

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