Published 25th of November 2020

Storing records at the office takes up unnecessary amount of space, can expose confidential information to the wrong people and puts your documents at risk of damage from floods or fires.

The problem of finding space for new paper documents daily can mean cramming filing cabinets, shelfs and drawers full with files. There are numerous benefits in moving your business files off-site and into a secure storage facility.

What is meant by off-site storage?

Off-site storage is when your files and hardware are located at a remote location away from your business.

Archiving documents off-site means storing them in a secure facility for extended periods, guaranteeing their safety and access by authorised employees when needed.

Advantages of off-site records storage

Create space in your place of work

Filling cabinets and boxes take up space, if your company is large or you have been in business for a while you are likely to have many filing cabinets around the office. Re-locating your documents off-site allows you to remove your filing cabinets, draws and boxes. Giving you extra room to utilise your office space more efficiently.

Knowing exactly where your files are at all times

Barcode tracking is used throughout all stages of the retrieval and delivery process. This means you know exactly where your documents are and provides you with a full audit trail.

Indexing and storing records off-site or electronically means there is less chance of files being misplaced and your team will save valuable time looking for records. Good software and indexing allow you to search your files by date, number, department, invoice number or document type or even inputting a whole phrase.

Increased safety and a peace of mind

Most secure document storage facilities will use CCTV to protect their client’s documents. With strict security measures put into place to protect records against fire, flood and theft. Off-site storage facilities are equipped with advanced technology used to control the level of indoor temperature and moisture.

All staff should be carefully chosen, fully vetted and trained before being allowed to handle any data or documents.

Cost-effectiveness and time efficiency

You can save money and time as you don’t need to buy any filing cabinets or lease extra office space. You don’t need to spend money on extra resources to recruit additional admin staff or record management professionals.

With off-site document management, you only pay for the exact number of boxes kept at the document storage facility and as the amount changes, you can adjust the amount you pay. Employees no longer have to spend time boxing up files and spend time looking for paper documents.

Archiving software

Archiving software allows you to easily locate, track, share and edit your documents from your office or home. You can request to retrieve documents physically or have them scanned and sent straight to your desktop.

A scan-on-demand service allows you to use the software and request documents electronically on a pay-as-you-go-basis, keeping costs to a minimum.

Confidential document shredding service

Once your files have expired and are no longer needed, the archiving company can securely dispose of these documents for you. Saving you the hassle of retrieving them and figuring out how to dispose of them securely. A certificate of destruction will be given as proof that the documents have been destroyed.

Shredall SDS Group

We can offer all the above services and guarantee your documents are in the safest hands at our secure archiving depot. Please contact our team to discuss your document storage needs.