Published 4th of August 2020

As information security is a continuous concern, more businesses and consumers are turning to secure shredding as a way to protect their hard-copy data. Shredall SDS Group offer a wide range of shredding services with an option of onsite or offsite shredding.

Whether you’re looking for a monthly scheduled shredding service, if you are working from home and need to destroy your confidential paper or you have been shredding with us for some time, we have the answers to some of our most commonly asked questions.

Getting things ready

There is actually very little to prepare when working with Shredall SDS Group as our team is able to handle the majority of it for you. Simply compile the unwanted confidential documents that needs to be destroyed putting them in boxes or sacks. We can supply confidential sacks made of paper or polypropylene to collect your confidential waste. The confidential sacks are completely recyclable, and therefore when filled they can simply be put through our shredder on-site or off-site. For cost-savings and convenience, ensure you provide us with a good estimate of exactly how much paper needs to be shredded, and any special instructions our drivers may need to access your location.

Leave staples, paper clips and folders

You’re probably used to removing staples, paper clips and folders when using small office shredders, however with our industrial shredder trucks and large industrial cross cut shredder, you can leave that to us. Anything small attached to your paper will be shredded along with your paperwork. You can drop your confidential paper in one of our many coloured or sized secure shredding consoles.

Media Destruction

We shred lots more than just paper, our shredders can handle other items including electronic waste. There’s no preparation needed for your electronic waste as they are shredded into unusable pieces. Data is impossible to retrieve once it has been destroyed, simply just let us know what needs shredding. We can securely shred, hard drives, CD’s, X-Rays and any other electronic waste.

What to expect the day of your service

Our drivers will come to your premises on an arranged date. Please make sure someone is available to allow our team access to the documents to be shredded. If you have requested an onsite shred, we will arrive with our secure shredding truck so you can watch first hand your confidential files being shredded. Alternatively we will empty your consoles, sacks or boxes and they will be taken offsite to be shredded.

Once the service has been completed, we will provide you with a GDPR approved certificate of destruction to keep on file.

We Recycle

Many customers ask what happens to their shredded documents, and we’re proud to say we recycle 100% of our paper waste at UK paper mills. The paper is pulped to make new products, such as toilet paper, which helps reduce landfill waste.