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National Association for Information Destruction (NAID)

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Shredall SDS Group is the only UK-based secure document shredding company to hold the globally recognised i-SIGMA NAID AAA Certification. This is only achieved via external audit, including unannounced checks and an annual training programme, and gives clear, documentary evidence of compliant practice via published Processor Compliance Reports. Our banches in Nottingham and Bellshill both hold this Certification.

Shredall SDS Group has been a NAID Member since 1999 and our Group Chairman Lloyd Williams has seen it grow to in excess of 200 member companies since the first conference. Lloyd stood from the election floor to become the first non-USA elected member of the NAID Board, serving from 2010-2012, and has been instrumental in the development of NAID Europe.

From the outset, Lloyd has wanted to court other industry peers from around the globe to discuss the development of the industry, not only from the inside, but also to share ideas of what our customers and marketplace require of us. Lloyd's contribution saw him nominated for NAID President in 2013.

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