Published 2nd of June 2021

The Challenge

A retailer approached us with a large amount of cardboard waste that was being produced daily at their National Distribution Centre.

The online retailer’s stock arrives in multiple sizes of cardboard boxes, they also package their goods in cardboard for their customers ready for delivery.

With a significant amount of cardboard waste, the retailer wanted to ensure all materials were recycled helping with their Carbon Footprint and Sustainability goals.

The retailer required a weekly hybrid collection with a mixture of internal use and external use bins and container.

They asked Shredall SDS Group for help with a recycling solution.

The Solution

Shredall SDS Group discussed the process with the retailer’s Operations Manager, creating a solution best suited to the requirements. Firstly, how much cardboard they create on a daily basis, how many rooms/locations needed bins and how often they will be emptied.

Once all the details were arranged, our team delivered 20 lockable 1100l wheelie bins and a 35yd RoRo container. We placed the service onto a weekly scheduled collection to cover all bins and the RoRo container.

The cardboard is transported to our depot in Nottingham where it is shredded (if needed), baled and sent to UK recycling mills. A waste transfer note is provided for each service.

The Result

Our customer can now feel stress-free as they know their waste is handled with the environment in mind. The weekly service enables the retailer to manage and control the levels of waste being kept at the Distribution centre, making sure the volume of waste doesn’t exceed the number of bins and containers they have on-site. The service runs smoothly, automatically, and environmentally friendly.

“Thank you, Shredall SDS Group, for your quick and easy communication/arrangement of our cardboard recycling service. It’s great to know that our cardboard is reused and that the business is not sending any waste to landfill, meeting our sustainable goals. Your service has been reliable and stress-free from the very beginning.” Operations Manager, online retailer.