Shredall SDS Group can work with you to bring your security measures in line with the requirements of GDPR. Learn how we can help you securely destroy paper documents to help you stay GDPR compliant.

Unshredded documents leave open the possibility of sensitive information being breached. Until recently, many businesses have held files for longer than they are legally entitled to. These companies need to put processes into place to ensure compliance with the legal retention periods, and importantly, GDPR shredding requirements.

Even businesses with shredding policies in place need to ensure they are complying with GDPR. Standard office shredders will not meet the requirements if documents are not destroyed properly. Companies need to ensure that their paper is shredded into extremely fine pieces to reduce the risk of documents being reassembled. In addition, the waste will have to be securely disposed of.

How Shredall can help keep your business secure

Complying with all of the requirements in-house could be both time-consuming and costly. Shredall’s data destruction services are fully compliant with the GDPR’s requirements and can provide your business with an effective solution for the safe disposal of sensitive personal information. Shredall provides this service, offering both on-site and off-site shredding.

Our processes are fully compliant with the GDPR shredding requirements and are flexible to meet your needs. You can arrange regular collections or simply contact us on an ad hoc basis. We can either come to you and dispose of your sensitive material at your office or our fully-vetted staff can dispose of it at our secure depot. Either way, your paper documents will be completely disposed of and you will receive a Certificate of Destruction.

Ensuring that effective paper-based security protocols are in place important. Reach out to us today on phone or email for a quote or more information.

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