Our secure document storage services help you make space and save valuable time. We provide tracked and indexed paper-copy storage, media vault services and backup tape facilities.

In this age of information, we’re relying on more data and documents than ever before. Whether your business keeps paper copies, digital records, or a combination of both, document management and storage is likely to be an ongoing issue.

SDS Document Storage offers safe and secure storage in state-of-the-art archive and vault facilities. We can help you keep records safe and easy to access, free up office space and save valuable time on administration. Our document storage facilities offer tracked and indexed hard-copy storage, secure vault storage and backup tape storage.

Our Process:

We will provide flatpack boxes along with barcodes on arrival at your site. SDS staff will scan the barcode on each box into their handheld scanner. The scanner will contain a complete record of all boxes leaving the current storage facility for transportation to the SDS storage depot. A work order will be dated, timed and signed by the SDS driver and an approved member of your team – we’ll also leave a duplicate copy of the order with your company.

Once your documents have been transported to a secure depot, our operatives will lift and scan each box into its storage location. A full set of data will be downloaded from the scanner into the SDS system. All boxes will be recorded as ‘In’ and will be immediately available for retrieval. We’ll send you an inventory report to confirm how many boxes are at SDS.

Any requests for retrievals will be received via email or the SDS online ordering system: our staff will promptly locate the boxes within the warehouse, then scan them as ‘Out’.

An SDS driver will deliver your files. A work order will then be signed off by both parties, completing the secure document storage process.

Storage boxes

You can choose to use your own storage boxes, or we can supply them to you. Our archive boxes are extremely durable and we can store all types of files. Find out more about our document storage boxes.

Tracking and indexing

Our document indexing service saves you time and hassle. Our friendly, fully vetted staff will provide a complete inventory of your records together with a full audit trail. Each box will be barcoded and scanned so we can track your documents through all stages of the transportation, delivery and retrieval process.

Document retrieval

You can order files and boxes back at any time by emailing us or using our online ordering system. We collect and deliver documents across the UK, either the same day, next day or as part of a regular, scheduled service. When you’ve finished working with a file or box, we’ll collect it and return it to its original location.

UK-wide collection and delivery

Our customised fleet of vehicles will securely transport documents to and from your offices, right across the UK. All of our friendly and courteous drivers have been security vetted to BS7858:2012 and are DBS checked.

Our nationwide reach is made possible by our secure document storage facilities spread right across the country. These are located in Nottingham, London, Birmingham, Derby and Leicester.

Why choose Shredall SDS Group as your storage service provider?

Choose Document Indexing- Saving you time and hassle. We can provide a full inventory of your stored records. For easy and fast retrieval!

Barcode tracking- Stress-free retrieval and delivery of your stored files by knowing exactly where your documents are at all times.

Our online portal- Locate, view and manage your stored files instantly from any device with scan on demand.

We will never compromise – We are proud to meet the highest of standards of compliance for our industry, earning us reputation as one of the most reliable document storage companies.

Document Storage FAQ's:

Below, we’ve answered some of the most common questions that clients ask about our document storage services. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for here, do not worry – please get in touch.

"We use SDS for daily back up tape storage. An excellent company to work with, they provide a great service and their staff are not only very professional but friendly too. They have adapted to our business needs on more than one occasion without difficulty to ensure our customer satisfaction. I would thoroughly recommend them to anyone!"
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