Our own records-management software, is a simple, affordable web-based system that lets you quickly locate, view and manage your electronic documents, wherever you are in the world.

Among its clever features, the system lets you apply one set of policies to govern access rights, retention periods and destruction protocols, regardless of where the information is stored. This lets you find records faster, reduces the risk of non-compliance and helps lower storage costs.

Hosted in a secure data centre, it’s governed by EU data protection laws and meets ISO 27001 (Information Security Standard) requirements. Our UK servers are backed up daily. In addition, our servers are backed up at multiple locations, meaning that if one goes down, your data will still be available from a backup location within 10 minutes.

It’s impossible to make data disappear from the software database, so we can assure you that when you trust SDS Document Storage to store your data, it won’t ever be lost.

    Our Intelligent file archiving software lets you:

    • Log in 24 hours a day from any PC or mobile device, wherever you are in the world.
    • Index boxes, files and tapes.
    • Order flatpack boxes.
    • Book a collection or delivery to retrieve and refile documents, or collect new boxes.
    • View consignment notes to cross reference with invoices.
    • Upload files such as Word documents, images and emails and link them to existing scanned/ hard copy files.
    • Find exactly what you’re looking for quickly via multiple search options.
    • Trace every file, box, scanned image or tape, with a full movement history of each item.
    • Email scanned images and electronic documents to authorised recipients, keeping the transfer of the encrypted file secure.
    • Know which files need to be returned to off-site storage, with handy email notifications.
    • Control confidential destruction of expired business records, cutting storage costs
    "We use SDS for daily back up tape storage. An excellent company to work with, they provide a great service and their staff are not only very professional but friendly too. They have adapted to our business needs on more than one occasion without difficulty to ensure our customer satisfaction. I would thoroughly recommend them to anyone!"
    Facilities Manager - European Clothes Manufacturer