Published 26th of October 2017

The Shredall SDS Group is pleased to announce that Andrew Moss has been promoted to a Non-Executive Director on the current family board.

Andrew joined the company as Financial Controller and, for the last two years, has worked as Commercial Manager and Company Secretary. In his new role he will assist the young, dynamic management team, the Chairman and the founder.

Company Chairman Lloyd Williams reflected that Andrew has been a very valuable asset to Shredall and SDS. Lloyd said, "Andrew approached me to take early retirement as his wife was also looking to retire. We then discussed some options, including consultance, before deciding that an NED was the perfect fit for him."

Lloyd remarked that with a young and capable management team in place, Andrew’s wealth of knowledge in finance and commercial business, as well as his sound thought processes honed over many years of experience, will make him a strong, experienced sounding board for both the Board of Directors and the management team.

Andrew commented that his time at Shredall and SDS, including seeing the development of such a strong management team, was one of his career highs and he looks forward to continuing his association with the group going forward.

Nik Williams, Managing Director of the Shredall SDS Group also commented, "Our continuing association with Andrew is a comforting parachute for both parties. It gives Andrew a pathway to his final exit, but it also gives comfort to the management team knowing we can continue using him as a trusted sounding board with a wealth of experience. He's valued friend of the company and we'll enjoy working with him for a while longer."

For the Role of a Non-Executive Director, see the IoD’s website.