Published 1st of April 2015

CEO of Shredall SDS Group, Lloyd Williams, has just returned from a dual speaking engagement at the recently held NAID Conference in Grapevine, Fort Worth Dallas, Texas.

Lloyd a former director of NAID the National Association of Information Destruction was asked to contribute on a panel discussion with 2 other industry leaders from Columbus, Ohio and Charlotte, North Carolina. In the session marked Data Destruction 2020. What will state of the art destruction look like?

Lloyd and his co panellists were asked a series of questions ranging from what will the industry look like in 10 years to will Electronic Media Destruction dominate in years to come.

The session was designed to answer questions on keeping up with relevant technology which is always a challenge; however not doing so can be harmful. Remote billing, search engine optimisation and routing are a few areas in which technology can provide effective business solutions. The session which ran over the allotted time allowance saw candid answers from the panel and created a large amount of participation from the other delegates.

Lloyd has since commented that with the speed that data markets are evolving the question will surely be on going and approached in the future.

In his second appearance he was asked to moderate a session on the value of businesses in todays mergers and acquisitions, this again started by panellists giving a background to previous trends and mergers within the industry over the last twenty years and bringing delegates up to speed with the current trends and what prospective purchases are looking for in todays markets.

Having returned only last week he has now been approached to attend a different conference in May to join a different panel discussion on how Shredall SDS Group has become a market leader in marketing solutions and how it found better value for its spend on marketing whilst becoming more effective with search engine optimisation etc.

Lloyd has always been a great believer in giving back to industries that have been good to him a belief he saw and witnessed in his previous working life by his then Chairman the late great Ian Linney in printing whilst working for the Linney’s organisation at Mansfield, Nottingham.

For more information on Lloyd Williams and Shredall SDS Group please email or call 0800 393 178.