Published 9th of January 2018

Happy new year, Forest fans!

If you’re an Arsenal fan, 2018 probably isn’t feeling quite so great…

As the Monday headlines rolled in after Forest’s thrilling 4-2 victory over the Gunners, so did the pictures of another famous Nottingham team, caught in the thick of the action with Arsene Wenger himself.

It's safe to say that at least one man wearing a grey coat went home happy on Sunday night, but it probably wasn't the Arsenal manager!

As stories about the shock defeat surfaced in the papers, so did pictures of our duo. Their faces cropped up in the Telegraph, Mirror and Nottingham Post. Next time, maybe they should wear a couple of Shredall hats and jackets!

All in all, a day out watching Nottingham Forest inflict what the Mirror is calling Arsenal's 'worst FA cup defeat' under Wenger and getting photos in the national press made Sunday's trip to the City Ground a memorable one. If Forest continue their winning ways, maybe there'll be another 5 minutes of fame in it for Lloyd and Nik...

Whatever happens on the pitch, you can be sure that 2018 is going to be a big year for the Shredall SDS group. All the latest news will be announced here on the site, so stay tuned!