Document Scanning Services in Nottingham

SDS offers document scanning services for Nottingham businesses to help you reduce clutter, stay secure, and get convenient access to all of your most important documents.

A solution to clutter and disorganisation

For many businesses in Nottingham, document scanning is an ideal solution that allows them to create more space in their Nottingham office whilst, at the same time, helps their employees manage their documents more effectively.

Scanning documents means that you will be able to access them digitally, so you won’t have to waste time hunting for that missing bit of paper, and it will be easier for your employees to work more flexibly and for you to send information to clients, as everything can be sent via email or accessed in the cloud.

Saving you time and effort

We will never ask clients to come out to us with all of their documents. Even if we’re local to you in Nottingham, most businesses don’t have the time or the means to get all their documents to us for scanning.

Instead, we’ll come to your Nottingham site and collect your documents, then take them back to our state of the art, secure facility in Bestwood where they can be stored and scanned into a digital format. We also have a document management system that allows you to scan documents straight into our system from your office, where you’ll then have access to password-protected files, and we can also safely destroy any documents that you no longer need.

Scanning on any scale

We are capable of scanning thousands of documents if that’s what your company needs. One of our clients is an American-owned pharmacy based in the East Midlands, and they came to use with around half a million images from patient data files that needed to be digitised to clear space in their labs and offices.

Through a combination of scanning at our facilities and machines at the customer’s location (which could both scan 130 pages a minute), we digitised around 40,000 data files each day, and the project was finished in 14 days.

The office manager said this about SDS’s service:

““We were assured that SDS were experienced in on-site data scanning in large quantities, so felt completely comfortable giving them the work. The quality of the work has been excellent, validating our decision to award them the business.”

Meeting your business’s needs

Every business has different requirements when it comes to document scanning. Though we have a national reach, we are a local business at heart, and our Nottingham-based team will take the time to get to know you and your business’s requirements to make sure that we offer you the service that you need. Complete the enquiry form on our contact us page to find out more about our Nottingham Document Scanning service.