Shredall and SDS hold ISO 14001certification for Environmental Management, which ensures customers are partnering with a company committed to continual improvement in environmental best practice and the prevention of pollution. For example, whilst minimising our impact on the environment (through a compliant and well-maintained fleet), we maximise customer and in-house opportunities for recycling – with 100% of our shredded paper waste recycled into tissue-related products!

Our responsible services are offered with full legal compliance and a clean bill of health from the regulatory authorities, such as the Environment Agency. And, as part of this, we offer our customers full duty of care documentation supported by management reporting and environmental data commensurate to the job or contract. These are key considerations for environmentally-aware purchasers looking for like-minded partners, such as Shredall and SDS!

As environmental considerations become ever-more important to our customers and other interested parties, it is vital that Shredall and SDS pass their environmental audits each year – which we currently do with flying colours! It is an obvious means of demonstrating to our commitment to continual environmental improvement, pollution prevention and ethical business practice.

Benefits of ISO 14001