Got a question about Shredall or SDS Document Storage and Scanning? Find the answer here.

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How do I find my records once they’ve been scanned?

We can classify and index individual documents to give you an inventory of your archived records. Indexing those files into standard fields makes it easier to find and retrieve the documents as and when you need them.

How secure are my files?

Our facility meets the very highest security standards. All our document management services are carried out at the same site, where all staff have the top level of security clearances. Our site is Red-care alarm protected, CCTV monitored and ISO 27001 certified, so you can rest assured that your physical and electronic documents are as safe as they possible can be.

How much will it cost to scan my documents?

Paper documents come in many different shapes and sizes and we offer a fully bespoke service. For this reason, we can’t give an accurate figure without knowing more about what you need. But you can get a free, no-obligation quote through our enquiry page

How long will it take to scan my documents?

The turnaround time will depend on the size and scope of each project. To help work out the completion date, we always carry out a test scan on a batch of documents, which also lets us check the scanned documents are of the right quality. If you need a file during the digital transformation process, we can retrieve and scan it using our express service, which comes with a one-hour turnaround guarantee.

Do you offer a nationwide collection service?

Yes, we have multiple sites and can collect from anywhere in the UK. For security and auditing purposes, all boxes and files are barcoded and tracked from the minute they leave your premises.

How compliant are we?

Very! Take a look at our compliance page