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How do I know that my records or files stored can be retrieved easily?

Our internationally recognised bar-coded software lets you track every box or file stored. Barcodes tell us your details, and the date the data was stored, retrieved, re-filed or destroyed, and who by. This gives a full audit trail of any item moving in or out of our facility. Our advanced software gives you plenty of useful functions including web-based access, document scanning and in-house barcode tracking.

My existing supplier charges an exit fee – how can I make switching affordable?

We offer payment plans to help you when transferring from another supplier, and we’ll tailor your plan to make sure it’s cost effective.

I have thousands of files and boxes – is it too much effort to move supplier?

Not at all – we’ll sort it all out for you. We’ll liaise with your existing supplier to collect and transport your records securely. We’ll also assign an account manager to manage the entire process and make sure the transfer goes smoothly.

Will I be able to retrieve a file of box during the uplift process?

Again, not a problem. We’ll transfer boxes in manageable volumes and scan them into locations in the warehouse on the same day, so files can be retrieved straight away if needed and returned in paper form or as a scanned file.

Can I have a report or track files stored online?

As we record all box/file references we can provide a hard copy inventory. Or you can use SDS Software to access your account and manage documents online. You can even produce your own orders for files to be retrieved or destroyed.

How quickly can files be retrieved?

You can get an electronic version of a file in minutes using our scan-on-demand service. You can also get the hard copy on our next scheduled delivery, or emergency delivery within an hour.

Is there a contract between us?

We draw up a service agreement for all regular shredding customers. These range from 12 to 36 months depending on you what’s best for you. For ad-hoc services we simply need a confirmation of order. Once you’re set up on our system you can use us as and when you need, with no fixed contract.

For scanning and document storage services we draw up a comprehensive contract which could be between 12 and 60 months.