Hard Drive Destruction for Glasgow and Beyond

Shredall Scotland’s hard drive destruction service is an essential part of our service, helping businesses from Glasgow, Edinburgh and further afield to stay secure when getting rid of electrical waste.

Total destruction process

Hard drive shredding is a perfect solution for Scottish businesses looking to comply with UK security regulations. Either shredding or degaussing (magnetic hard drive wiping) are the recommended destruction methods and shredding ensures that the physical structure of the hard drive is destroyed beyond recognition, preventing any repair or further use that could put your company’s old data at risk of theft or misuse.

The destroyed hard drive can be recycled according to WEEE regulations after the shredding process, which also allows your business to comply with zero waste targets from the Scottish government.

Why is hard drive destruction important?

The data on an old hard drive doesn’t go away. Hard drives store data physically through magnetic fields on their platters - metal disks inside their casing. Anyone who has access to an intact platter can extract the data from it, no matter how old the machine is.

Shredding not only destroys the platter entirely, but destroys everything around it. After this process there will be nothing left to use. Hard drives that are no longer being used by the company can lead to security breaches that can put your reputation and good standing at risk.

If your business is found to be breaching data protection regulations it will be very hard to regain consumer trust in the future. Arrange to get your hard drives shredded now to avoid the chance of anything happening in the future.

Highest standards of security

You don’t want to risk the data security breaches that can arise from leaving old hard drives intact. Shredall has numerous nationally and globally recognised accreditations that demonstrate our commitment to security. When you arrange for Shredall Scotland to dispose of your hard drives - or any sensitive documents - you can rest assured that we will do a thorough, high quality job.

Getting your hard drives to us

If you choose Shredall, we will arrange to come and pick up old hard drives from your premises for destruction back at our secure facility in Larkhall. If you’re based anywhere in Scotland, get in touch with us today to see how we can help you destroy your hard drives and keep your data safe.