A bespoke approach to records management

Often, organisations approaching us know the outcome they want but aren’t sure of the best approach or strategy. Our workplace consultancy service is the ideal solution, giving you the benefit of our 20 years’ experience in records management.

We’ve provided business management consultant services to small, medium and large organisations across the UK, and in a wide range of industry sectors. Our consultancy team will begin by working closely with your organisation to understand your business needs and goals. Through onsite visits and engagement, we’ll build up a deep understanding of your people and processes to create a detailed client brief.

From there, we’ll define a workplace strategy for your records management that best fits the needs of your organisation. You’ll see noticeable results as we help to maximise your return on investment, reduce costs, improve your use of space and give you a more efficient way to manage documentation.

Business benefits

A considered and well-defined workplace strategy helps increase productivity and morale. It can help you attract and retain the best team and ultimately allow you to perform better as an organisation. Our approach has helped companies to create flexible, efficient workplaces that save money. Whether you’re looking to guarantee compliance, save space, boost productivity or cut running costs, we’ll create a strategy that meets your objectives and more. Your appointed business development consultant will have years' of experience in helping similar organisations excel, creating a bespoke strategy accordingly.

How we can help

Our strategy could help you by:

  • Creating a records-management policy
  • Indexing unidentified files
  • Reducing duplicated data
  • Classifying physical and electronic files
  • Creating a retention schedule, with review dates for disposing files
  • Implementing an on-site file room (using SDS location and file barcodes, PDT scanners, online records management portal)
  • Organising uplift projects
  • Analysing requirements for scanning and workflow solutions
  • Implementing an electronic document management system
  • Advising on legal and security obligations
  • Providing training on records management procedures and systems
  • Providing records management reports
  • Issuing destruction reports for end-of-life documents
  • Measuring effectiveness
  • Continually reviewing and improving processes

First steps

It all starts with a free records management audit. To find out more and book, use our quick contact form or give us a call to speak to one of our consultancy team today.