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Shredall SDS Group welcomes the Modern Apprentice

Shredall SDS Group welcomes the Modern Apprentice

Last year Managing Director, Lloyd Williams was introduced to the NE Group selling the modern apprentice scheme. The NE Group offers funded and private training towards work based qualifications. Learners are allocated their own trainer or assessor who support them through their progress.

Shredall SDS Group apprentices Emma Ball and Macauley Hayes are fast forwarding their career at our headquarters in the Midlands.

Emma has just passed her NVQ Level 2 in Business and Administration and already has plans for progression in her chosen career path in accountancy. She started her NVQ level 2 apprentice in September 2010 and completed the 6 month course in just 4 months, proving to employees at Shredall SDS Group her worth. Emma extremely enjoyed working towards this qualification and feels she has gained experience and skills which have proven to become very useful in everyday working life

Emma is due to start an NVQ Level 3 in customer service to further her admirable qualifications to fit alongside other achievements. This will help to build Emma’s confidence in dealing with and helping customers and will help in the understanding of good customer service. In September 2012 Emma is hoping to undertake an AAT accountancy course, as she is very keen to get more involved in the financial area of the business.

Macauley is doing his NVQ Level 2 in Warehouse Management – he hopes to continue through the advanced certificate levels and eventually become a Shredall labourer, driver and operations assistant, Macauley enjoys the variation of the job and is very keen to gain more experience and learn more each day.

Both Emma and McCauley have worked throughout Shredall SDS Group in five different placements giving them both wide knowledge of the whole Group.

Shredall SDS Group learnt that there are many 18-24 Year olds who want to work but because of the recession are stuck in a hard position because there are few jobs in the market place. Furthermore, if they apply for a job, employers require experience which due to their age, they don’t have.

The Apprenticeship scheme means Emma and McCauley can gain qualifications whilst working and gain experience in a work place environment for the future.

Shredall SDS Group have been exceptionally impressed by Emma and McCauley’s willingness to learn and be part of our team. They are both quality candidates’ who know the area they want to work in and we are pleased to be able to support them. They are the perfect example of what can be achieved through the Apprenticeship route and are a testimony to the potential employees that can be secured through The NE Group. Shredall Data Storage has just confirmed two more apprentices to start NVQ Level 2 Warehouse Management later this year.

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