Off-Site Shredding Services

Off-site shredding, where we collect and transport waste to be shredded at our depot, is a secure, cost-effective way to safely destroy confidential waste.

When data security is paramount, it is prudent to partner with a leading off-site shredding service provider such as Shredall SDS Group. Unlike smaller companies that may struggle to keep pace with the extent of your shredding requirements, we are well placed to collect even the most industrial quantities of documents in our MOD-approved vehicles.

Once your confidential material has been safely destroyed at our maximum-security facility using advanced cross-cut shredding technology, you will then receive a full audit trail for your peace of mind (including a certificate of data destruction sent via email). The entire process is overseen by our security-vetted teams, who act with absolute discretion and professionalism at all times.

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Our Off-site Shredding Process

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We arrange an ad-hoc collection or a schedule for regular collections.

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Our fully trained operatives scan the barcodes on each receptacle, providing an audit trail that continues until the final invoice. They transfer the waste to our custom-built vehicle, where it’s securely locked in the rear.

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Confidential waste is transported to one of our state-of-the-art shredding depots in Glasgow or Nottingham and is shredded within 24 hours. Our cross-cut industrial shredders can shred over 320 tonnes per day. Once all materials have been destroyed, we issue a certificate of destruction. This is a minimum requirement for anyone disposing of confidential waste and should be held on file for six years.

The shredded waste is baled and collected for recycling.

All carried out as per BS EN 15713 or equivalent.

Off-site Shredding and Compliance.

Our off-site shredding is fully compliant with the BS EN15713 Secure Destruction of Confidential Material, the standard specified by the BSIA (British Security Industry Association). This covers security levels, vetting of employees (to BS 7858), customer contracts, and recycling. This helps to deliver confidence as all paper is cross-cut shredded to an unidentifiable end product, and that each service must have a full audit trail, conform to the Environmental Agency and government legislation, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Lockable Consoles, Bins and Confidential Sacks

We offer a range of lockable bins, secure data consoles, paper waste bins, roll-on roll-off skip container hire and confidential sacks for you to store paper waste in, ready for on-site destruction. To find out more, visit the Receptacles section of our website or contact our team of shredding specialists.

Learn more about Confidential Waste Receptacles

Why choose Shredall SDS Group as your document shredding service provider?

A family run company you can trust.

Our fully vetted team provides a complete audit trail of confidential waste, from the minute it leaves your site right up to the final invoice. A Certificate of Destruction is given for every shredding service.

One supplier for all of your needs.

We can handle your paper documentation throughout its entire life cycle. Our team provides total information management, including shredding, storage, scanning and recycling.

We’re flexible to suit you.

Whether you need a one-off, scheduled, home, bulk, on-site or off-site service, our team provides professional shredding services wherever and whenever you require them.

We will never compromise.

We are proud to meet the highest standards of compliance for our industry. When you choose Shredall SDS Group, you can rest assured that your confidential documents are completely secure.

If you're interested in how Shredall SDS Group could help you, get in touch today!

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Document shredding FAQs

We’ve answered some of the most common questions that clients ask about our shredding services. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for here, don’t worry – just get in touch.

How long should business documents be kept before shredding?

It’s important that you shred business documents to ensure that the information they contain remains confidential. However, certain types of files that should be retained for a period of time before they are shredded for accounting and/or legal purposes.

In some cases, business documents have a minimum statutory retention period that you must comply with. For a detailed breakdown of different types of business document and how long you should hold on to them, consult our guide to document retention policies and periods.

Where will my documents be shredded?

This depends on which type of shredding service you choose. In most cases, your documents will be transported to one of our secure depots across the UK before being shredded.

However, we also offer a convenient mobile shredding service to allow for your documents to be shredded on-site, whether that’s at your home or business premises.

What happens to the paper once my documents have been shredded?

We’re serious about our commitment to protecting the environment, recycling 100% of paper waste and following the guidelines set out in the ISO 14001 Environmental Certification. This applies to all of our confidential paper shredding services.

What types of material can you shred?

Our commercial shredding services aren’t just limited to paper documents. We’re also able to shred a variety of other types of materials at our state-of-the-art facilities, including textiles; IT equipment; hard drives; print waste, and products.

How much does paper shredding cost?

The amount we charge to shred paper documents varies depending on the weight of your documents and the type of shredding service that you

Our regular scheduled service offers the most cost-effective solution, but we also provide premium high-security and mobile on-site shredding packages depending on the needs of your business.

Get in touch to arrange a quote for one of our professional shredding services.