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Our secure document storage services help you make space and save valuable time.

For over 26 years, Shredall SDS Group has provided document storage services to businesses across the UK. With purpose built document storage facilities across Nottingham, London, and Leeds, so it’s easy and convenient for us to transport your documents for storage.

We know that your business is relying on online documentation and data more than ever before. Whether your document management strategy incorporates digital records, paper copies, or a combination of both, ensuring that they’re efficiently managed and easily accessible by your staff is critical to business operations.

That’s why we offer safe and secure document storage solutions, in state-of-the-art archive and vault facilities across the UK. We offer a range of services, from indexed paper storage to media vault storage, so no matter the challenge, we have the document storage solution to suit you.  

A secure service you can trust

We understand that a business's priority is security. With twenty seven years of industry experience, we’ve spent time investing in our high standard security measures so that you can trust our storage services.

Our staff are thoroughly vetted and DBS checked to comply with BS 7858. Before one of our staff is employed, we ask them to provide proof of identity, three references, as well as undertake a ten year career history check. 

Our storage facilities are as secure as possible against theft, burglary, vandalism, and other criminal acts; they’re protected by alarms, linked to police stations by RedCare, and we have 24-hour CCTV so your documents are protected at all times. To date, we’ve had no incidents of fire, flood, and no breaches of security.   

Our accreditations

Accessing your stored documents

We know that accessing your documents easily is just as critical as ensuring that they’re secure in our facilities. After we’ve stored and indexed your documents in our secure facility, you and your team will be able to request retrieval via email or our online ordering system. 

We also offer document scanning services alongside our document management system, which allows you to receive your documents in a number of digital formats in an instant. We’re happy to discuss with you your specific company’s requirements, to find the best possible document retrieval process.

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How our document storage works

1. Storage boxes

You can choose to use your own storage boxes, or we can supply them to you. Staff will scan the barcode on each box into their handheld scanner. The scanner will contain a complete record of all boxes leaving the current storage facility for transportation to our storage depot. A work order will be dated, timed and signed by one of our drivers and an approved member of your team – we’ll also leave a duplicate copy of the order with your company.

2. Tracking and indexing

Our document indexing service saves you time and hassle. Our friendly, fully vetted staff will provide a complete inventory of your records together with a full audit trail. Each box will be barcoded and scanned so we can track your documents through all stages of the transportation, delivery and retrieval process.

3. Document retrieval

You can order files and boxes back at any time by emailing us or using our online ordering system. We collect and deliver documents across the UK, either the same day, next day or as part of a regular, scheduled service. When you’ve finished working with a file or box, we’ll collect it and return it to its original location.

4. UK-wide collection & delivery

Our customised fleet of vehicles will securely transport documents to and from your offices, right across the UK. A work order will then be signed off by both parties, completing the secure document storage process.

Our locations

Nationwide coverage

Our nationwide reach is made possible by our secure document storage facilities spread right across the country, meaning your business is never far away from our secure facilities. We have secure document storage facilities in the following locations:

Our document storage solutions:

We also offer document storage boxes, and self-storage in container units through our sister company, Loft Self Storage.

Why choose Shredall SDS Group as your storage service provider?

Choose Document Indexing

Saving you time and hassle. We can provide a full inventory of your stored records. For easy and fast retrieval!

Barcode tracking

Stress-free retrieval and delivery of your stored files by knowing exactly where your documents are at all times.

Our online portal

Locate, view and manage your stored files instantly from any device with scan on demand.

We will never compromise

We are proud to meet the highest of standards of compliance for our industry, earning us reputation as one of the most reliable document storage companies.

If you're interested in how Shredall SDS Group could help you, get in touch today!

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Document Storage FAQs

Below, we’ve answered some of the most common questions that clients ask about our document storage services. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for here, do not worry – please get in touch.

What steps are taken to ensure that my documents are secure?

The security and confidentiality of your documents is our top priority as a document storage company.

Our operatives are fully vetted and DBS-checked to comply with BS 7858. At our high-security storage facilities, your documents will be protected by intruder alarms linked to police stations via Redcare, and monitored by 24-hour CCTV, giving you complete peace of mind.

Rest assured that your files are safe in transit, too: each box of documents is carefully scanned using our barcode system and you will be provided with a full audit trail, allowing you to track your documents through all stages of the transportation, delivery and retrieval process.

Are your document storage services fully GDPR-compliant?

Yes – all of our document storage services offer complete compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

As well as ensuring that your documents are transported and stored in secure environments, we offer comprehensive file-level indexing that’s handled by security-vetted operatives. This process ensures that you can retrieve individual files with ease and remain GDPR-compliant.

Take a look at our guide to GDPR and data storage for more information.

How will I access my documents whilst they are in storage?

Once we’ve transported your files to one of our secure document storage facilities, you’ll be able to request retrieval via email or the SDS online ordering system. We also offer a range of document scanning services, enabling you to access your files in a variety of digital formats if required.

How much does document storage cost?

The price of our storage services varies depending on the quantity and type of documents that need storing, as well as the security level that you require. We offer a full range of packages from standard business document archiving through to vault storage for storing the most sensitive physical and electronic documentation. Get in touch today to find out more or to arrange a quote.

Are any self storage options available?

We also offer self storage in container units at our Nottingham site through our sister company, Loft Self Storage.

What are the benefits of secure document storage?

There are many benefits to storing your documents at an off-site facility, including creating space in your workplace, knowing exactly where your files are stored, and increased safety and peace of mind. Read our guide on the benefits of off-site storage to discover more advantages.

Are your document storage services environmentally friendly?

Our document storage services utilise digital solutions and sustainable practices, reducing the need for paper consumption. Additionally, if you decide to shred your archived documents with us, we recycle 100% of the paper waste. Shredall SDS Group is a carbon neutral company, and can help improve the environmental practices of your business too.