GDPR & Document Storage

The GDPR has changed how businesses store documents. Shredall SDS Group's document storage service will help your business comply without losing any of the functionality you need to keep running smoothly.

While much of GDPR focuses on digital security threats, it's important not to forget about the potential risks posed by physical documents. It's vital for compliance that personal data in paper format isn't left unsecure. Storing confidential files offsite in a dedicated, secure facility ensures that documents are properly locked away with limited access.

Designed to securely store millions of physical documents, our archive facilities prevent loss, theft and forgotten data. Physical and electronic safety measures provide protection against fire, flood and theft, while advanced indexing and tracking software simplifies retention, speeds up retrieval and creates a full audit trail.

How Shredall SDS Group can help your business

Our storage services allow you to comply with GDPR, whilst also saving you valuable time and freeing up office space. We already offer full-service records management to businesses in a range of industries across the UK. Your documents will be indexed by fully vetted staff, giving you a complete inventory that you can track from transportation through to delivery and retrieval.

Our archive facilities are state-of-the-art, ensuring that your client’s data is fully protected. All our sites have intruder and fire alarms, linked to police stations, as well as 24-hour CCTV surveillance. In addition, our staff have been vetted for total security and will accompany every visitor to our site to ensure there is no breach of our facilities.

In previous years, simple box-level storage allowed for each box to hold a number of records and be broadly catalogued according to a from/to sequence or by admittance data. GDPR, however, supports the good practice of all individuals records to be identifiable, making accurate file listings for all records a critical endeavour. Fortunately, our efficient, secure file-level indexing service not only ensures that you know exactly where each and every file is stored, but it also improves the speed of data retrieval operations and helps you to retrieve individual files with ease.

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