We’re A Verified Carbon Neutral Company

Verified Carbon Neutral

We’re a carbon neutral company, verified by an independent third party (NQA) in accordance with PAS 2060:2014. We are committed to sustainability and environmentally responsible business practices, and we believe that achieving this carbon neutrality status is an important step in protecting the planet for future generations.

So far, Shredall SDS Group has offset a total equivalent of 1,240 tonne(s) of CO2 emissions. This is equivalent to 3,178,80 miles being driven by an average gasoline-powered passenger vehicle. We’re committed to continuing our efforts to reduce our emissions, and make ours and our customer’s businesses greener.

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How we achieved carbon neutrality

Becoming a carbon neutral company has been a long-term core value of ours, helping to build on our environmental commitments and our accreditations. Gaining independent verification of carbon neutrality is the result of a significant project for our compliance and accounts departments, as well as a rigorous auditing process that verified our carbon footprint (the emissions we create as a company), our carbon reduction efforts and work with pre-validated offset schemes.

For example, our power is provided through zero carbon, 100% renewable resources, meaning we can confidently report that we make no carbon emissions from our electricity. We have also installed LED lighting in our newly-refurbished secure document storage warehouse.

Why it benefits our customers

We use our approach to carbon neutrality to encourage our customers to strengthen their own business environmental commitment.

  • We’re helping our customer’s businesses reduce their own carbon footprint by shredding paper, and ensuring all of the confidential waste is securely destroyed and recycled at UK paper mills.
  • By reducing our own emissions, we’re reducing overall demand for energy and resources, ultimately helping our customers use less energy and resources to produce their own products and services.
  • Carbon neutrality aligns with holistic action towards reducing climate change, and we hope that by achieving this we’re setting an example for businesses everywhere, and supporting our customers in their environmental endeavours.

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