Our Cardboard Recycling Service

We can collect and recycle your cardboard waste, whether it’s for a one-off collection or on a scheduled basis.

We are able to recycle all grades and sizes of cardboard throughout the UK, including Nottingham, London, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

We can manage the complete process of your cardboard waste from storage to collection and recycling. Our cardboard recycling service is tailored to suit your business needs, which means we are able to supply the containers and service you require.

Our Cardboard recycling options
  • Lockable Bins: We can supply a range of wheelie bin sizes, depending on the amount of cardboard waste you have. These are ideal for smaller quantities of waste.
  • Roll-on roll-off skips and container hire: We can supply large container storage skips for those times where you have a large quantity of cardboard. Our 35YD enclosed RORO skips and the perfect solution for any type of waste including paper, electronic waste and cardboard.
  • One-off collection: As cardboard waste doesn’t usually contain sensitive information; we are able to collect any cardboard waste you may have lying around the office. Just call our team, let us know where your cardboard is and book a collection time/date.

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How our cardboard recycling service works

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Get in touch to arrange a date and time for your cardboard waste to be collected. We can arrange a one-off collection or a regular scheduled service. We can supply you with wheelie bins or a RORO skip and container hire to suit your needs.

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On your collection date, our team will collect your cardboard waste from your bin or container, the process is really that simple.

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We’ll take it back to our recycling depot where the cardboard will be baled and recycled at UK mills.

To conclude our recycling service, we issue a waste transfer note to confirm your waste has been collected and destroyed.

Why choose our Cardboard Recycling service?

Our Environmental Commitments

We recycle 100% of paper waste, making sure that none of the waste we collect goes to landfill.

We’re flexible to suit you

Whether you need a one-off, scheduled, home, bulk, on-site or off-site service. We have got you covered, with lots of options to suit your needs.

Not just for cardboard

We can confidently shred just about anything from old products, textiles, hard drives and branded goods.

Saving you time and money

There’s no preparation required for our shredding service- we can shred it all. We are extremely competitive with our pricing just ask our team.

If you’re interested in how Shredall SDS group could help you, get in touch today!

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Recycling FAQ's

Below, we’ve answered some of the most common questions that clients ask about our recycling services. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for here, don’t worry – just get in touch.

How does the recycling process work?

All paper and cardboard that we shred is baled at our recycling depots and sent to an environmentally approved and accredited mill on the United Kingdom, where it's made into tissue products and new packaging material.

We can get through 320 tonnes of waste paper in a day at the Shredall SDS Group premises, and our mobile machines run at an output of 3,000kg per hour. That’s a lot of shredded paper, and recycling it helps to:

●Reduce future rainforest destruction

●Reduce energy consumption from the manufacture of new materials

●Reduce the amount of paper waste going to landfill

●Reduce the emission of harmful gasses, like methane into the atmosphere.

●Reduce future oil usage

●Reduce future electricity usage

To learn more about the steps involved in the process, visit our dedicated paper and computer recycling pages.

Which types of material do you recycle?

As well as paper and cardboard, we also recycle a wide range of electronic waste, which is sent to our WEEE-approved recycling partner.

Do you have any environmental accreditations?

Yes! Shredall SDS Group is ISO 14001-certified, demonstrating our commitment to continual improvement in environmental best practice and the prevention of pollution.

Our yearly audits for this accreditation also take into account our other work beyond recycling, such as our use of a compliant and well-maintained fleet of transit vehicles.