Document Management for Schools and Education

Documents in schools and other educational organisations can contain all kinds of sensitive data on pupils, staff and finances, but finding the space and time to organise them properly is challenging for many of these establishments.

Our mission is to make sure organisations like yours always have the highest standards of information security. We will work with you to achieve this by meeting your organisation's specific requirements and bring in good practices that can help you maintain a high level of organisation and security going forward.

Shredall SDS Groups shreddingstoring and scanning services can help you manage your data. Shredding is the more secure method to permanently destroy vast amounts of paperwork that you no longer need. Storing your documents in our secure warehouse facility is an alternative to shredding if you require access to original documents without them taking up space in your building.

Document scanning is a popular service that can be applied in conjunction with shredding or storage, allowing you to access your documents through a secure online portal. We maintain ISO 27001 accreditation (an internationally recognised standard for information security), which means that we will take the utmost care with setting up a secure online portal that authorised members of your organisation can use to access these documents in the future.

We would love to hear from you if you’re interested in any of the services we’ve mentioned here, or others, such as our hard drive destruction service for old IT equipment. Speak to one of our friendly team members by giving us a call, or use the quick quote button at the bottom of the page.

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Confidential Shredding

Keep your organisation’s information completely safe from identity theft and data breaches with confidential shredding.

Document Storage

Store your paper and digital records in our secure facilities, saving you time and space whilst providing ease of access.

Document Scanning

Access your files on demand with our document scanning service, offering a convenient, space-saving electronic archive.

Paper Recycling

We recycle 100% of shredded paper – avoid sending your documents to landfill and reduce your impact on the environment.

Document Indexing

With our document indexing service, you can find the files you need quickly and easily via our convenient online portal.

Hard Drive Destruction

Shredding all hard drives via our secure, GDPR-compliant process ensures that your data never ends up in the wrong hands.