GDPR & Document Scanning

Using the latest document scanning equipment, SDS Document Scanning can quickly and confidentially convert your paper documents into high-quality digital files. You can locate and retrieve your files in seconds, without leaving your desk.

Scanning and digitisation heightens document security whilst also improving ease of access and tracking for authorised users. Indexed as required and stored in a secured online database, expertly preformed digitisation reduces the likelihood of personal data being lost, stolen or forgotten. All three of these risks are major, but the latter issue is key. With GDPR setting out new rules on legal time limits for retaining personal data, organisations need to have a tight grasp on the legal retention period of each piece of personal data they have in their possession. Digitised files and our advanced tracking and retrieval software makes it easier to keep track of legal retention periods.

How the Shredall SDS Group can help

SDS Document Scanning runs an on-demand scanning service that is a cost-effective way to manage documents in line with the GDPR requirements. We can scan as many of your documents as you need access to in the future, then store your paper records in our warehouse, ready to be retrieved as necessary.

After scanning, we will convert your document into a digital file and set up a secure online portal for you to access it through. Our document scanning service provides a faster and safer way to retrieving personal data in the event of a data subject requirement.

Our scan on demand service allows you to act fast on subject access requests. It makes archived records quickly available to the subject access requestor within the new 30 day time frame. We also offer standard next day delivery service for all records stored with us.

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