Cardboard recycling Glasgow

We can collect and recycle commercial cardboard waste all over Glasgow. We can manage the complete process of your commercial cardboard waste from storage to collection and recycling. If you have cardboard lying around your Glasgow office and you’re unsure on what to do with it, we can handle this for you and ensure it gets managed responsibly.

Our cardboard recycling service in Glasgow

Shredall SDS group provides sustainable removal of cardboard waste to businesses all over Glasgow. Our team is able to collect commercial waste from your premises and transport it back to our depot in Lanarkshire, where it is shredded and sent to paper mills for recycling.

Why choose our cardboard recycling service

A family run business you can trust.

A complete audit trail of confidential waste, from the minute it leaves your Glasgow office right up to the final invoice. A certificate of destruction is given for every shredding service. Provided by our fully vetted team.

Servicing Glasgow and the surrounding areas.

We provide shredding services to businesses in Glasgow, across the entire city. We can handle your cardboard waste from the beginning to the end of its life cycle.

We're flexible to suit you.

Whether you need a one-off, scheduled, home, bulk, on-site or off-site service. We can provide all these services and more all over Glasgow.

We will never compromise.

We are proud to meet the highest of standards of compliance for our industry.

Cardboard Waste Collection in Glasgow

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Cardboard Recycling FAQs

Do you collect waste cardboard from my area?

Yes, we collect commercial cardboard across Scotland, including Glasgow. We will organise a pick-up time with you before transporting your cardboard back to our depot in Bellshill.

Should I remove tape from the cardboard before you collect it?

Some tape on the cardboard box should not be a problem, unless the amount of tape is excessive. If possible, you should look to remove some of the tape as this will save us time when managing the cardboard at our Glasgow facility.

What other services do you offer in Glasgow?

We offer shredding, hard drive destruction and paper recycling services in Glasgow. Shredall SDS Group is one of the most established business waste collectors in Scotland.