We recycle 100% of paper waste, as well as cardboard and electronic waste including mobile phones and hard drives.

Like many organisations today, we're aware of the need to reduce our environmental impact. We're committed to making sure that none of the waste we collect or create goes to landfill and we're proud that 100% of the paper we shred is recycled.

How do we recycle?

All paper and cardboard that we shred is baled at our recycling depots and sent to an environmentally approved and accredited mill on the United Kingdom, where it's made into tissue products and new packaging material.

We can get through 320 tonnes of waste paper in a day at the Shredall SDS Group premises, and our mobile machines run at an output of 3,000kg per hour. That’s a lot of shredded paper, and recycling it helps to:

  • Reduce future rainforest destruction
  • Reduce energy consumption from the manufacture of new materials
  • Reduce the amount of paper waste going to landfill
  • Reduce the emission of harmful gasses, like methane into the atmosphere.
  • Reduce future oil usage
  • Reduce future electricity usage

We also recycle electronic waste, which is sent to our WEEE-approved recycling partner.

To arrange a collection or shredding date for your business, contact us today. Find out more about our various commercial recycling services with the links at the top left of this page.

Why choose our recycling service?

One supplier for your document management needs- We can handle your paper documents from the beginning to the end of its life cycle. We provide Shredding, Storage, Scanning and recycling.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle- 100% of our paper gets recycled. We are committed to making sure that none of the waste we shred goes to landfill.

Turning your waste into toilet paper- All the paper we shred gets baled then transported to a paper mill. Ready to be made into toilet paper or other paper related products.

We will never compromise – we are proud to meet the highest of standards of compliance for our industry.

Recycling FAQ's:

Below, we’ve answered some of the most common questions that clients ask about our recycling services. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for here, don’t worry – just get in touch.