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Scan on demand a cost saving solution

Scan on demand a cost saving solution

The Challenge

Our client had 15,000+ archive boxes stored in their offices and 5 rented locations across the UK. Without a centralised records and information management system, the organisational function of their business-critical information was a costly challenge.

The client approached Shredall SDS Group to discuss advice on how to handle their documents in the best way to suit them. Document Storage, Document Scanning, Indexing, Scan on Demand or Day Forward Scanning. A straightforward process was needed to handle all of their documents efficiently across the five locations and make some room for valuable office space needed.

The biggest challenge was to relocate, track and trace 15,000 boxes from all 5 locations whilst maintaining active retrievals and business continuity. Shredall SDS Group needed to provide a robust and timely uplift plan which included the secure transfer, end to end tracking, indexing and retrieval of all paper files.

Risk, compliance and audit were also high priority, particularly considering increasing complexity, more demanding compliance and pressure reduce costs.

The emergence of employees now working from home with no access to their paper records has only added to difficulty. Our client needed a quicker, easier and more transparent method of retrieving their files and information.

The Solution

Shredall SDS Group agreed a schedule of bulk collections from all the locations and ensured the client’s document storage box numbering system was included within our internal management software system. Shredall SDS Group were then able to create and develop a compliant and centralised records management system which incorporated a unique ‘scan on demand’ service for the retrieval of files. The archive storage and document scanning included all departments within the organisation – from client records, accounts to HR.

Our infrastructure gives our clients the assurance that we can meet commitments of any service level. This may be in respect to volume, timeline critical conversion or indeed any other similar requirement. All Services are underpinned with excellent quality assurance.

Shredall SDS Group audited the first 100 file retrievals to monitor the duration of a scan on demand request. Our commitment to the client was to retrieve and deliver a scan back request within 3 hours. The 3-hour retrieval timeframe was consistently delivered ahead of time with no delays.

We archived 15,000 boxes for our client at our secure facility. With our scan on demand service in place, our client now enjoys a low-cost archive storage and document scanning pay as you go basis retrieval of only the files they need. The paper records are stored in our depot and if our client needs urgent access to a document, we convert it into a digital file. The delivery service can be requested via our management system or by contacting our team direct.

After end of life for any document storage, Shredall SDS Group can also shred all confidential waste paper, with a certificate of destruction always given for each service provided. It is important to comply with Compliance and GDPR; this specific clients records must be kept for eighteen years after the project is complete. Storing them offsite allows for secure long-term storage, with the added reassurance that Shredall SDS Group invest heavily in all mandatory compliance and initiatives.

The Result

Using sophisticated archive management software, SDS’s barcode tracking software provides ultimate transparency, direct access and total control of the box movements, all in real time. The scan of each barcode is linked in real-time via 4G mobile Zebra devices.

Our client now has a combined storage, scanning and ad-hoc shredding service provided by Shredall SDS Group. The five different office storage documents are handled securely by one supplier, making their document management process effortless.

Our clients new system keeps digital conversion costs to a minimum, whilst giving them as much or as little access to their files as they need. As the records are securely stored off-site, you get the same space saving benefits as you would by scanning 100% of you documents, but for a fraction of the cost.

Shredall SDS Groups simple online ordering facility means a document can be retrieved, scanned, and made available to us within minutes. With so many of our employees currently working from home this is the perfect solution. Our files are essential documents which have to be kept for at least 18 years after a project is completed and these form the bulk of our archive storage. These documents may never be looked at again, but if they are needed, we can gain easy access to them quickly whilst saving our own office space.

“Our offices not only now have more room for safe distancing when we return to normal staffing levels but the scan on demand service was a great fit for us from both an operational and budgetary point of view.”

“Shredall SDS Group immediately understood our needs, working with Leigh throughout the whole process has been a pleasure and I would highly recommend them to anyone wishing to securely scan, store or even shred their data.” Group Facilities Project Manager

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