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Document Storage for a Cereal Brand

Document Storage for a Cereal Brand

The Challenge

Many businesses try to archive files at their own premises, which takes up a lot of space and time. Our client approached us with this exact issue. Retrieving files at their head office was proving time consuming for employees and archive boxes took up several rooms.

An upcoming refurbishment and health and safety audit of their office meant that they needed to review their current archiving arrangements, leading them to find another solution for their document storage. After reviewing their situation, they concluded that they needed the rooms to be used more productively instead of holding files. But to also comply with GDPR, financial records must be kept for a minimum of six years meaning they needed to keep the files but move them off site to create space.

The Solution

After a full audit of all the files, Shredall SDS Group’s trained operatives spent three days boxing up and indexing all the files into over 500 boxes. Each box was barcoded and scanned so the customer was able to track their documents through all the stages of transportation, delivery and retrieval. The files were transported to our safe facility to be stored long term. By indexing and storing their files at our off-site secure facility they were able to increase their compliance, security and have more office space.

Without effective indexing, retrieving information for our client would have been time consuming and costly. When they need to access information quickly for decision making, we are able to locate it quickly for them. Indexing ensures no files go missing as we have an inventory of all of our client’s files.

Indexing and storing records off-site or electronically means there is less chance of files being misplaced and it saves their team valuable time looking for records. Having the correct documentation to hand quickly also allows to make timely and better-informed decisions.

Our Active Web document management software makes it easy for our customer to request a retrieval of any file. We can deliver same day, next day or as part of a regular, scheduled service. When they are finished with the file or box, we will collect it and return it to its original location.

The Result

Our service provided a time saving, hassle free solution to our client’s challenge. They now have a few empty offices that are ready to be refurbished and they can trust that their files are kept safe. They can easily retrieve hard copies of their files when needed. Shredall SDS Group offer a range of collection services, depending on the urgency of document retrieval and our facilities are much safer than an office room. We take strict measures to ensure our data document storage facilities are protected against fire, flood and theft.

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