Think of how much information is stored on a hard drive. If it's not correctly cleansed and reformatted, sensitive data such as employee, customer and product information could still be recovered and used- with detrimental consequences.

If your company stores personal or financial data on a PC hard drive, server or backup tapes, you need a secure way of dealing with those items when deciding to upgrade equipment or clear out old tapes. If you fail to make sensitive data unusable, not only could you run a risk of it failing into the wrong hands, you could also be breaching Data Protection laws.

Hard Drive Disposal

It’s worth remembering that even if a hard drive isn’t working, it still contains data – and that data could still be recovered. Shredall can destroy hard drives on-site or off-site, where our on-site hard drive destruction lets you witness your confidential hard drives being shredded first hand. We use cutting-edge data destruction technology to permanently destroy decommissioned discs, servers and photocopiers, making it impossible to reconstruct and recover the data.

Once destroyed the hard drives are sent to our UK WEEE-approved partner for recycling. Ferrous and non-ferrous metals are removed before copper-rich materials, printed circuit boards and plastics are taken away to be recycled.

At the same time, we're very mindful of the environmental impact, and pledge to recycle all shredded or destroyed material where possible. We recycle 100% of non-contaminated waste, which is in keeping with our ISO 14001 accreditation.