Now more than ever businesses need flexible secure document disposal, which is why we offer a fully compliant one-off shredding service. Our GDPR-compliant team is on hand to visit your home or office on an ad hoc basis and destroy paper documents, products, hard drives and other media formats.

Documents can quickly build up in offices and homes, leaving businesses vulnerable to sensitive data being stolen. If your home or office is overflowing with storage boxes and files it may be time to invest in an ad hoc shredding service.

Our one-off Shredding Service:

If you opt for our on-site service, the process is as follows:

We arrange a date and time for the one-off collection of your waste.Our fully trained operatives confidentially transfer the waste to our high-security MOD-approved shredding vehicles, then weigh it.

The destruction process is witnessed by an appropriate person from your company and carried out by our specially trained operatives. The shredded waste is then compacted into the rear compartment of the vehicle, locked and transported to our shredding depot in Glasgow or Nottingham, where it will be baled and collected for recycling.

We issue a certificate of destruction showing the weight and details of the collection. This is a minimum requirement for anyone disposing of confidential waste.

Should you choose to carry out your one-off shredding at one of our depots instead, we follow a separate procedure to ensure GDPR compliance:

We arrange a date and time for the one-off collection of your waste.

The confidential waste is transported to one of our state-of-the-art depots and is shredded within 24 hours. Our cross-cut industrial shredders can shred over 320 tonnes per day. The shredded waste is baled and collected for recycling.

Once all materials have been destroyed, we issue a certificate of destruction. This is a minimum requirement for anyone disposing of confidential waste and should be held on file for six years.

All of the above is carried out as per BS EN 15713 or equivalent.

Why Choose Our One-Off Shredding Service?

We will never compromise – we are proud to meet the highest of standards of compliance for our industry.

Declutter your office space- Documents can quickly build up on desks and in filing cabinets, especially for employees working remotely.

Dispose of sensitive documents when needed- Not every business requires a regular shredding service. Simply shred when you need it.

One supplier for your document management needs- We can handle your paper documents from the beginning to the end of its life cycle. We provide Shredding, Storage, Scanning and recycling.

One-off shredding FAQs

Below, we’ve answered some of the most common questions that clients ask about our ad hoc shredding services. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for here, don’t worry – just get in touch.

Are your ad-hoc shredding services on site or off site?

If I choose off-site, where will my confidential documents be taken?

Once we’ve collected the documents from your home or office, our security vetted and DBS-checked staff will take them to one of our secure facilities across the UK to be shredded and recycled. You can check up on their journey using our innovative tracking software.

Do you only offer ad hoc shredding services?

No, we also offer our full range of information management services on a scheduled basis. If you intend to use our services on more than one occasion, you will save money by switching over to a weekly or monthly schedule.

How much notice do you need before an ad hoc collection?

We would suggest giving us plenty of notice when organising an ad hoc collection. Under normal circumstances, we’ll arrange a service within one week. However, we always try to be as accommodating as possible and it could be within 24 hours.

What happens to all of the paper once you’ve shredded it?

At Shredall SDS Group, we’re serious about our commitment to protecting the environment. We recycle 100% of paper waste and follow the guidelines set out in the ISO 14001 Environmental Certification.

What our clients have to say

"Shredall SDS Group staff are always helpful and cheerful, from the drivers who collect the confidential paper waste and archive boxes to operations, managers and directors organising the service. Archive boxes and paper waste are always collected and delivered promptly."
National Construction Solutions Company - Company Secretary