Marketing activities of all kinds lead to an accumulation of paper that can quickly clutter up an office, whether that’s marketing plans, client data or marketing and branding materials. Some of these documents are useful, some contain sensitive data and some are just taking up space. Whatever purpose they all serve, it can be a tough job finding what you need at the right time.

Shredall SDS Group has over 20 years’ experience helping marketing companies and other businesses organise their offices, making their important documents secure and easy to access for people with the right level of authority. We have a variety of services to make life easier for the businesses that we work with and we aim to help you implement best practices to maintain security and efficiency for the long term.

One of our core services is document shredding. With both on-site and off-site shredding on offer, we can safely destroy your businesses unwanted documents in a way that suits your company’s unique requirements. All our shredded waste goes on to be recycled, so you can maintain a sustainable workplace even as you clear out everything you don’t need.

While shredding is the perfect solution for a lot of clutter, there are some documents that you need to keep in their original forms to have access to in the future. Where this is the, our storage service provides you with a secure facility to store the documents in, while still allowing you to clean up and organise your office. Documents in our storage facility are indexed so that they can be retrieved easily and sent to you whenever you need them.

Whether you decide to scan or shred your documents, we can give you round the clock access to digitised versions with our document scanning service. Contact our friendly team for advice or get a quick quote and someone will get back to you.