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#1 Lloyd's blog

#1 Lloyd's blog

Written by Lloyd Williams, Group Chairman

Lloyd speaks out…

What a couple of weeks it’s been here at Shredall SDS Group – Firstly we re-gained ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 at Shredall Scotland. We know how much compliance matters to all businesses, and it’s something we will never compromise on. As well as investing heavily in mandatory initiatives, we also work with our clients across various sectors to understand the specific demands of their industry.

We then launched our brand new Vecoplan Shredder, capable of Data Shredding 5000kgs of paper per hour. Customers and invited guests visited Shredall’s Head Office in Nottingham where Nottingham Forest European Cup winning captain John McGovern officially opened the new machine with the ribbon cutting.

The next evening followed with myself and a few team members attending the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce awards night hosted at the Hilton Hotel Glasgow, where Shredall Scotland had been nominated for two different awards. Coming away with two highly recommends is a high achievement in its self.

We then had a Core Values day where the Directors, Senior managers and staff presented to each other on where the business had come from and intended going in the next 2 years. We used to have a back to basics day for years before relaunching this year under the title of core values. All who participated enjoyed the team building element of the day and were sent away refreshed and enlightened on where the company was going for the foreseeable future. In a busy business like ours it’s always hard to find time to get everyone around the table and away from the business to explain what each other’s departments are doing and working towards. Many good ideas came from the meeting and will be expanded upon in the coming months.

Following on from that myself and Nik attended the NAID European conference in Barcelona joining up with industry pioneers and professionals from Italy, Spain, Iceland, Germany, France, Portugal, Ireland and the United States. The main discussion was on the European Data Protection directive that has been recently launched, where we fit as data processors and the requirements to comply as a trade group offering like-minded services to our clients across Europe and the fit with a global message.

It’s been a busy October … let’s see what November will bring!




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