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10 Steps to Help Prepare You for Your Bulk Scanning Project

10 Steps to Help Prepare You for Your Bulk Scanning Project

Wish you could wave a magic wand over your paper records and — Ta Dah! — magical electronic documents? If only it were that easy. A document scanning project involves numerous detailed and time consuming steps:

  1. Locating and retrieving original documents
  2. Sorting and separating files
  3. Document preparation: removing staples, paper clips, sticky notes
  4. Application of barcode separator sheets
  5. Scanning and capture of images
  6. Indexing scanned documents so they can be searched for and retrieved
  7. Quality assurance and verification to confirm all data was accurately captured and ordered
  8. Application of Optical Character Recognition software (OCR)
  9. Migration of electronic data to document management solution
  10. Post-production shredding or off-site storage


Along the way, it may be necessary to re-scan, de-speckle or de-skew images. Your business data is valuable, so it’s important that your document scanning project is executed with precision and attention to detail.


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