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Happy Earth Day 2019- Ways to help the planet

Happy Earth Day 2019- Ways to help the planet

1. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

We can’t stop waste production completely, but if everyone contributed and took a moment to think about what they are throwing away. It would help save energy, natural resources, reduce pollution and the need for landfill.

2. Shop wisely

Little things really make the difference. Reuse your carrier bags, buy less plastic and buy recyclable coffee cups. A lot of things can also be sourced second hand, which is ideal for items that are used for a short period of time, for example, a child’s bike. Buying locally reduces pollution and supports small businesses.

3. Plant a tree

Everyone should try and plant at least one tree in their garden. Trees are good for the environment for both land, air and climate change.

4. Use energy efficient light bulbs

Energy efficient light bulbs are a simple way to reduce the amount of power you use. Not only does it help protect the plant, it also saves you some money.

5. Turn your computer off overnight

Turning your computer off everyday reduces the amount of power you use.

6. Use a clothesline

Switch off your dryer and hang your clothes outside to dry naturally. The material of your clothes will last longer, it will smell fresher and of course will save on the amount of electricity you use.

7. Have a vegetarian day

We are not asking you to give up meat for life but try to commit to one free day of meat a week.

8. Use all the paper

Think about the amount of paper you use, if you jot a note down on paper, save it and use the rest of the sheet for additional notes. Try to be as paperless as possible, print of both sides when you can and don’t forget to recycle it!

9. Never throw away newspapers

Make sure you recycle your old newspapers. Even if you recycle only once per week, half a million trees could be saved.

10. Rethink your water consumption

Buy refillable water bottles for work instead of ready brought plastic water bottles. Around 90% of water bottles end up decomposing in landfills rather than being recycled.

How together we can help the planet


Like many organisations, we’re aware of the need to reduce our environmental impact. We’re committed to making sure that none of the waste we collect or create goes to landfill and we’re proud that 100% of the paper we shred is recycled. We also recycle electronic waste and can securely shred your hard drives on-site. Our bulk recycling service is the ideal way to clear office space and securely dispose of unwanted items. No matter how much cardboard or print waste you generate, we’ll help you find the collection method and cost that suits you.

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