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The Benefits of a Scan on Demand Service during a worldwide pandemic

The Benefits of a Scan on Demand Service during a worldwide pandemic

The majority of people struggle with finding the space to save increasing piles of documents but can’t bare to consider going fully digital due to the drawn-out implementation process and cost. A main challenge is gaining access to specific files when they are not physically on hand. Shredall SDS group have good news - there is a middle ground for those that would like to have maximum flexibility.

Scan on Demand allows you to store your files in a secure offsite storage depot and allows you to get the requested document scanned and sent to you as a PDF, or in other digital formats, when requested. No more waiting on getting documents which will not only save you money, but is a lot more environmentally friendly and Covid 19 safe. Scan On Demand services can negate any possible frustration, and enhance accessibility, cost efficiency and the overall service experience.

See the benefits of a pay-as-you-go approach to scanning

Save time and money.

Storing your files onsite takes up valuable and expensive office space, and paying an employee to remove staples and scan documents is time-consuming. Even when the boxes are clearly identifiable, and their contents listed accurately, it can take an employee some time to get their hands on what they need. As a result, everything slows down – and lost time translates to lower cost efficiency.

Using a ‘scan on demand’ service not only eliminates the need to purchase document imaging equipment, but also frees up office space because the documents would be stored securely offsite in a record centre. Whenever you need access to a file, our scanning team would scan and convert your document to a digital image. Your scanned documents would then be sent directly to your desktop or mobile device.

Whilst we are living in a worldwide pandemic scan on demand has many benefits such as file remain digital and can be shared between employees on one platform.

Peace of mind that your hardcopy files are secure

As your hardcopy files would be stored in a secure archive centre, the security of your documents and data is of paramount importance. It’s something we would never compromise, and we’ve invested heavily in our facilities, processes, security systems and staff training to ensure we maintain the highest levels of security at all times.

Our secure archive depot is equipped with the following features to ensure long-term protection of your files:

  • 24 hour CCTV security
  • Intruder alarms
  • Stand-alone facilities with temperature/humidity controls in high security zones
  • Fire, flood and theft protection
  • Fully vetted and DBS-checked staff
  • Secure loading and unloading areas

Share your information digitally anytime and anywhere securely.

The information scanned can be sent directly to your mobile phone or desktop, or they can be hosted on our personalised management document software allowing you to securely store your scanned document without the need to purchase software and keep up with necessary licensing issues. You would be able to retrieve, view, email and/or print digital documents instantly.


Once you have received the file online, the choice is yours on what to do with it. Shredall SDS Group can confidentially shred the file or you could choose for the files to be put back in storage in case you would prefer to have a physical copy as a back-up. What makes Scan on Demand such a popular choice, is the amount of flexibility there is with these documents. Having a provider manage both the physical and digital records means less risk and higher levels of compliance and accuracy.

Flexible access

At times, more than one team or company department is likely to need infrequent or recurring access to archives. A Scan On Demand service can create one central environment from which departments included in a bespoke management access can retrieve records whenever the need arises.


Client’s need a service that is easy to use and can be accessed and applied from anywhere. Where they can view virtual listed boxes and the files inside, click on whatever they need, confirm it in a ‘basket’ and then receive the chosen files in their ‘in tray’. The in-tray is of course digital, so takes up no physical space, but it means the documents needed for their project or task can be received without having to wait.

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