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What is Shred School?

What is Shred School?

Written by Andrew Moss - Group Commercial Manager

Shred School is the member education arm of the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID). Launched in 2003, it is designed to provide affordable training to all secure destruction industry professionals and NAID active members in an effort to improve their businesses.


It’s a great industry networking and training event for people new to, or inexperienced in the industry of document shredding.

It covers security, compliance, contracting, risks, training, marketing, sales, legals, staffing, insurance, waste streams and definitions. It draws on years of experience gleaned by the preceptors.

I attended Shred School in New Jersey USA back in September 2016.

There were vendors, pioneers, industry professionals and delegates, all keen to share ideas and information about data shredding.

I was able to get an insight into the techniques and equipment available to assist with the task of providing a great service and ultimately making a profit out of shredding and destroying.

The course made me think about the way our Company does business and the reasons for some of the processes and high standards that we work to.

I now realise that my colleagues are not just doing a job but actually are “subject matter experts”.

I found the American business culture different to the UK and I was very impressed with the high level of service and staff loyalty that prevails. They really go the extra mile to please customers.

I also learnt first-hand about random acts of kindness and I have promised myself to endeavour to do the same.

There was a big emphasis on Customer Service; understanding the customer’s needs and offering solutions rather than “show up and throw up” sales techniques that prevail in some industries. I really do understand the difference between price and value and now I am armed with a huge amount of techniques and technicals to help me do my job better.


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