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Total Information Management

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Why invest in document management software

Why invest in document management software

In the past filling cabinets were the preferred way to store important company papers and documents but this method has some major flaws. It’s easy to lose documents and even harder to replace the document that’s gone missing. They are also not secure, hard to search through and it’s easy to destroy or lose track of.

The correct Document management System can radically improve your company’s document organisation, allowing immediate access to the correct documents and improved security and control of your documents.


Here’s 4 key reasons for your company to use a Document Management System:

1. Easy and quick location of your documents

Improve your chances of locating the right document first time with enhanced data quality- our SDS document management system cleanses data by interpreting abbreviations, running spell checks and identifying missing or potentially incorrect data.

2. Work together and stay organised

Using a document management system ensures all documents are in one place and can be indexed for easy retrieval. A good document management system provides great user experience with an intuitive user interface that allows employees and partners to access content and collaborate from any device. With shared links, version history, commenting and more, our SDS box system makes it easy to securely collaborate with anyone.

3. Have total visibility and control

Every business has sensitive documents that need to stay out of the wrong hands. Companies must safeguard the confidentiality of their documents while ensuring that they remain available when needed. Most document management software has built-in security features that will protect your most sensitive information.

Without a secure document storage solution, it’s extremely difficult to keep track of which employees should have access to which files. Our software sets robust user permissions on files, lock files to prevent editing, enable folder controls and apply security classifications so that everyone only sees the information meant for them. Easily audit file and user activity using granular reporting to ensure compliance.

4. Manage the entire document life cycle

Handle content while staying compliant with policies, regulations and litigation requirements. SDS Box Governance enables you to manage the entire life cycle while complying with regulatory mandates, e-discovery requests and data retention policies with ease.

SDS Document Management Software

Introducing SDS Box: a secure, cloud-based document management platform that makes it easy to create, access and share your protected document from any device. Let us professionals handle your documents securely by storing or scanning your paper documents.

We can take care of your documents from start to finish of their life cycle. Once you no longer need your scanned or stored documents, we can securely shred and recycle them, ensuring they are kept confidential from start to finish.

Contact our team for advice and more information on our Total Information Management Process.

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