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Short-term storage for a national hotel chain

Short-term storage for a national hotel chain

The Challenge

After closing one of their hotels due to COVID, a hotel chain approached us asking for help storing their documents short-term. They needed a short-term quick solution to relocating their documents from their old premises while they figured out a long-term solution.

When a business closes it can be stressful to know what to do with the items and documents you have stored. Many records need to be kept for a certain amount of time due to GDPR laws and many contain confidential information that needs to be kept securely. Finding another location to keep these documents secure can be stressful.


The Solution

Short-term storage is the perfect solution until you decide what to do with your documents. We are currently storing 500 boxes for the hotel chain for an initial of 3-6 months while they decide on their long-term solution. Each box was barcoded and scanned so the customer was able to track their documents through all the stages of transportation and delivery to our secure facility.

They have chosen deep storage with no retrievals for their confidential documents. The storage service meets their requirements as they don’t need access to their files but need to keep them due to GDPR purposes. After the six months period is over, they can then decide whether to keep their documents with us or relocate them to a new hotel or office.

All options need to be considered, however it’s important to understand relocating any items to a new premises is not as secure as a professional storing your documents at an off-site storage warehouse that’s fire, flood and CCTV protected.

As well as storing 500 boxes for the client, we confidentially destroyed 1,000 documents they were no longer needed and re-boxed 250 to ensure the documents they have stored with us are secure and in good condition.


The Result

Whether you then choose to leave your documents off-site just for a short-term period or long-term to create space, we can help you manage your documents to suit your business needs.

Our service provided an easy short-term solution to a business that no longer had a location to store their confidential documents. They now have a peace of mind that their documents are protected and that they securely disposed of anything they no longer required.

Shredall SDS Group offer a range of services to meet your business needs, depending on the circumstances we have a range of options to make your life easier and our facilities are much safer than relocating your records to a room or filing cabinet.

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