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BSIA’s National Shred Day – 2nd October 2021

BSIA’s National Shred Day – 2nd October 2021

Saturday 2nd October will be the inaugural National Shred Day, a new event that will take place at 15 different locations throughout the UK at car parks provided by Morrisons.

Helping both businesses and individuals to securely destroy their confidential paperwork and highlighting the importance of preventing ID fraud through confidential waste shredding, this event provides an opportunity to destroy waste in a safe and environmentally positive way.

Launched and organised by the British Security Industry Association (BSIA) in collaboration with national charity CrimeStoppers, these events are the perfect opportunity to safeguard your confidential information through destruction.

All confidential waste will be destroyed on-site using a high-security cross-cut shredding machine before being baled and recycled into paper and tissue products. Sustainability is a key feature of the event, aligning with Shredall SDS Group’s environmental commitment to recycle 100% of the paper and card that it processes.

How does it work?

Come along to one of the shredding locations from 9am – 2pm, and have your confidential papers shredded on-site for you to witness - no cost or booking time needed. If you can spare a small donation for CrimeStoppers, we would be very grateful. All donations will go towards regional projects carried out by CrimeStoppers.

Shredall SDS Group will be providing community shredding at the Morrison stores listed below:

  • Morrisons, Portobello Road, Edinburgh.
  • Morrisons, Gamston, Nottingham.

There are many more locations across the UK, such as Sheffield, Enfield and Cardiff where shredding vehicles will be available. See the full list of sites here.

Shedall SDS Group offer a national service and operate in all of these locations on a regular basis. If you need an adhoc or scheduled services at your site or for collection, please get in touch.


CrimeStoppers is an independent UK charity that gives people a way to anonymously report crimes. Some people may not feel comfortable talking to the police to report crimes and choose to talk to CrimeStoppers instead. By offering people an alternative to talking to the police, CrimeStoppers has been able to assist with the arrests of more than 151,000 suspects, the recovery of over £139m worth of goods, and the seizure of over £367m worth of illegal substances. Without CrimeStoppers, this may not have been possible.


The BSIA is the UK’s professional security industry trade association. It has led the way for over 50 years in the shaping of the nation’s security industry. BSIA members, are responsible for more than 70% of privately provided UK security services and products.

Kristian Carter, BSIA’s information destruction chairman, had this to say about the event:

“No matter how well you may think you've shredded your personal information and confidential waste at home, it is not 100% safe from thieves. Over lockdown many small companies and independent traders will have stored up a considerable amount and often small shredders will not be sufficient to dispose of it safely.

It is essential now more than ever that confidential documented information on people and businesses is destroyed securely to avoid the possibility of fraud occurring, and the BSIA’s ID companies play a crucial role in maintaining confidentiality with all kinds of paper data. For a small donation you can dispose of your data securely and professionally and be assured that criminals won’t get their hands on your personal information.”

For more information about the event, visit the BSIA’s National Shred Day web page.

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