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Help Ukraine!

Help Ukraine!

Magdalena Wasiewicz, a local Nottingham businesswoman has been collecting essential food and medical supplies which are sent by lorry into Ukraine. Magda has family in Poland who own a logistics and transport company, 10 miles from the Ukrainian border.

So far three articulated lorries of donations have been sent, with approximately 28 pallets on each lorry. Magda a local lady with a family business from Southwell are now only a few pallets short of sending another lorry but unfortunately donations have slowed down. The people of Ukraine are still desperate for medicines and food, some are now starving. Donations are also urgently needed to ensure funds are available to continue sending these most needed items directly to the Ukrainian people

Marketing Manager at Shredall SDS Group comments,

We can't imagine what these families have been through over the last couple of months and our hearts go out to every single one of them. This week we have sent a van full of donations and will continue to support charities like this as much as we can. We have tried to donate as much food and medical supplies as possible.”

Charlotte continues,

“Aid is going to so many desperate families, children who have tragically lost their parents and homes, who are now living with nuns of the church or living in underground shelters. This is a heart-breaking situation yet seeing the aid that is arriving into Ukraine is incredible and I hope we can continue to do more and more”

Magda's family is funding the transport of everything into Poland and then for it to be distributed to towns and cities in Ukraine, including Bucha, Kyiv and Kharkiv.

Please see below to donate to Magda's Just Giving page to help pay the costs of transportation,

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