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Is your document storage company hosting your data legally?

Is your document storage company hosting your data legally?

Your company could be breaking the law. Learn the importance of legal hosting services in the UK.

Hosting data on the cloud means that you can access it from anywhere at any time. However, the danger lies with the fact that you may never know faithfully where data is being stored and if it is compliable with E.U laws.

Sensitive data such as health records, law files or even national government records require special consideration when it comes to data storage. If data is hosted outside of the European Union, a whole different set of legal rules are in force. If you process data in the UK and store it on servers in America, you will breach safe harbouring laws.

Governments and authorities are currently working on commons laws to cover hosted data – for example, in the EU, the Data Protection Directive requires data to either be stored in the European Economic Area (EEA) or in a territory that has equivalent privacy laws. For that reason, SDS Document Storage made an executive decision to host all its data in the UK and terminate agreements with its long term software supplier. The company SDS Document Storage used to use were an American company, so our data was hosted in U.S data centres.

Ownership rights are generally covered by three areas of law - copyright, confidentiality and contract – which all differ depending on the country. So if data is created in one country, yet stored in another the legal rules that apply become very blurred.

SDS Document Storage - Main reasons for the change in data hosting:

  • Dominated by EU data protection laws.
  • The evolution of image and document hosting meant that access to sensitive data was even more readily available.
  • Our UK based servers are backed up on a daily basis and mirrored to a backup data centre, adding resilience and robustness to our disaster recovery plan.
  • SDS servers are backed up at multiple locations, meaning that if one of the servers goes down; our customer’s data will still be available from a backup location within 10 minutes.
  • Driven by ISO 27001 (Information Security Standard) requirements for storing data.

SDS Document Storage takes the protection of our customer’s data very seriously. A private and secure web-portal hosted on UK Fast servers offers tighter control over data and enhances the services we offer.

Make sure your company isn’t breaking the law

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