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SDS Document Storage cost consultancy contract win

SDS Document Storage cost consultancy contract win

SDS Document Storage recently helped a national financial services firm reduce its costs and put processes in place to future proof their business from unnecessary risk.

The financial corporation had exceeded its existing contract value by 11%. Additional costs due to process in-competencies, incorrect indexing of files and lack of adequate bar code tracking, led to hours of unnecessary searching and a regulatory fine from missing information.

Using a total of four document storage providers meant pricing structures were not in sync and parts of the service level agreement (delivery times etc..) did not suit customer requirements.

On choosing to tender their records management service, the customer selected a mix of document storage providers and cost reduction specialists to reduce its overall contract value. Whilst cost reduction companies analyse price structures they cannot offer bespoke records management solutions which improve processes and decrease data breach risk.

Company Director, Lucy Shipley comments “Most companies we deal with are paying above market rates to store or scan records. The difference between SDS and a cost reduction specialist is that they can only compare prices between suppliers.”

Lucy continues “The result is a ‘price war’ rather than an improvement of processes, reduction in risk and protection of records. With a wealth of records management skills, we can identify soft costs in your current processes as well as negotiate with other suppliers on your behalf. We help our clients deal with internal and external challenges, leaving a legacy of change to deliver sustainable benefits.”

Shredall SDS Group is proud of its all-encompassing service. Although we see more costs reduction specialists moving into our market place, winning this contract proves we can streamline costs and add ‘value’ for our customers.

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