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Shredall SDS Group attends special NAID seminar on new GDPR Regulation

Shredall SDS Group attends special NAID seminar on new GDPR Regulation

Shredall SDS Group Commercial Manager, Andrew Moss, and Sales Manager, Ben Shipley, attended the Data Protection seminar with NAID in Luxembourg last week.

Andrew Moss comments “The special NAID seminar event combined top industry speakers and regulatory experts with content tailored specifically to capitalizing on the new regulation that will take effect from May 2018. The event was attended by many senior managers and business principals from across Europe."

Andrew continues “In a panel discussion titled “How the World of Secure Destruction will Change Under the GDPR,” insights were shared on the current status and emerging trends that every data destruction service provider should know, including best practices and the direction the industry is taking, and how organizations that prepare effectively can benefit from the onset of GDPR.”

NAID CEO, Bob Johnson comments “The more NAID members know about the risks and requirements of the forthcoming GDPR the more they will profit, that is why we gathered leading experts such as those on this panel here to help their fellow industry members get a grasp of the future. Those who take time to prepare will profit enormously. Those who do not prepare will struggle. It is that simple. It’s NAID’s job to provide the education and resources.”

Ben Shipley comments, “Shredall SDS Group are 100% focused, as a AAA-certified NAID organization ourselves, to be able to set an example of adhering to and even exceeding the strictest standards of effective and responsible data destruction. We are here today to prepare for what GDPR regulations will bring.”

Andrew Moss comments “We looked at the compliance implications for our customers and how we as a company can help them prepare for their new compliance responsibilities. As a company we will be issuing a new GDPR contract prepared by International Lawyers to address many of the issues that our customers will face in protecting their data.”

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