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Shredall SDS Group gives back to local food banks

Shredall SDS Group gives back to local food banks

This year our team started the festive season by giving back to our local community.

Annually we like to collect food items and take them to our local food bank. Our Scotland division have visited Hamilton Food bank and The Salvation Army where they were extremely grateful to receive our donation of food and toys.

Karen Smith, Office Manager and Compliance Representative comments,

“As a company we have assisted Hamilton Food Bank with their confidential shredding needs and the gratitude from them goes well beyond words. This year Shredall Scotland branch want to take the time to thank Hamilton food bank, the people who donate and all the volunteers who make it happen. During times of so much uncertainty and insecurity, thank you for the assistance you are providing to ensure that food is not for one, everyone deserves to eat! The food that flows through this food bank is tremendous and certainly helps.”

Karen continues, "We also delivered toys to The Salvation Army in Bellshill who work with Restorative Justice who were also very grateful for our donation!"

Our Nottingham HQ has started collecting food and drink products to donate in the new year. We are asking our team to search their cupboards and bring as many items as they can before arranging a time to take it to the food bank in January.

December and January is a time where far too many people across our society are facing hunger and that’s just not right. Our food bank collections are part of the way we give back to the local communities in which we operate.

How food banks work

There are people in the UK that go hungry every day, for many different reasons that are usually out of their control – whether it’s redundancy, receiving an unexpected bill or having a low income. A simple box from a food bank can make all the difference and helps prevent home loss, family breakdown and mental health issues. All you need to do is take your non-perishable in-date foods to your local food bank or supermarket, it’s that easy!

Why you should give to a food bank

A little goes a long way. By giving whatever you can regularly, you'll help people break free from poverty by providing additional support to help people resolve the struggle of every day. Food banks rely on the support of local communities to help end hunger.

Donations of food are also important for eliminating food waste. Hundreds of thousands of tonnes of decent food gets wasted by the UK every year while millions of people are struggling to afford to eat and are homeless. Take a moment and think before throwing out a tin of soup and instead give it to someone who’s hungry.

If anyone is passing our Scotland or Nottingham depots, please feel free to drop off a bag of cupboard food and drink. We will be collecting until the end of January and any donation will help someone who needs it.

Instead of sending Christmas cards this year, Shredall SDS Group will be donating additional food and drink to our local food banks.

For more information see the Trussell Trust website.

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