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Shredall SDS Group Partners with Plant For The Planet to Plant More Trees

Shredall SDS Group Partners with Plant For The Planet to Plant More Trees


We’re proud to announce a new partnership with the renowned Plant for the Planet initiative. To continue our environmental commitment, we’ll be purchasing a tree for each new customer, starting from 2023 and continuing into the future, through the Plant for the Planet scheme. This initiative is part of the global Trillion Trees Campaign, a bold endeavour to offset deforestation and its adverse effects on our planet.

For our new customers, we'll plant a tree

The innovative Plant for the Planet initiative ensures that every time a new customer purchases a service from us, we’ll invest in planting a tree in the customer's name. Through this gesture, we want to express our commitment to responsible business practices and reinforce the importance of taking collective action for a more sustainable world.

Special anniversary tree planting

Our partnership with Plant for the Planet includes a special Anniversary Tree Planting program. To commemorate each customer’s anniversary with us, we’ll plant 12 trees in various locations worldwide and provide them with a certificate of achievement.

Empowering customers: Certificate of Achievement

Shredall SDS Group believes in celebrating its customers' commitment to sustainability. As part of the Plant for the Planet initiative, every customer who participates in this initiative will receive a Certificate of Achievement, confirming their role in the collective effort to restore our planet's green cover.

Cultivating global impact: Tree planting worldwide

Through the Plant For The Planet initiative, we’ll be planting trees in various regions across the globe. This widespread approach aims to combat deforestation's impacts while also contributing positively to local ecosystems and communities.


Shredall SDS Group's environmental pledge

The collaboration with Plant for the Planet is yet another testament to our ambitious environmental efforts. The company proudly holds the status of being carbon neutral, championing eco-friendly practices throughout its operations. Furthermore, our achievement of recycling 100% of the shredded paper underscores our dedication to minimising waste and leaving a smaller carbon footprint as a business, and for our customers.

As Shredall SDS Group begins this journey with Plant for the Planet, it does so with a specific focus and awareness of the environmental challenges ahead. This partnership summarises more than just a joint effort, it signifies a shared mission to reverse deforestation, nurture biodiversity and champion sustainability on a global scale.


About Shredall SDS Group

Shredall SDS Group is an industry leader in secure document shredding, storage, recycling, and data management solutions. With an unwavering focus on sustainability, the company is steadfast in its determination to make a positive impact on the environment while delivering top-tier services to its customers. The partnership with Plant For The Planet embodies Shredall SDS Group's dedication to worldwide environmental conservation.


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