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Shredall SDS Group regains ISO 14001 for another year.

Shredall SDS Group regains ISO 14001 for another year.

Shredall SDS Group is pleased to report that the company has regained ISO 14001. This is the international standard for establishing an environmental management system (EMS). Our ISO 14001 certification demonstrates our commitment to continual improvement in environmental best practice and the prevention of pollution. For example, we minimise our impact on the environment through a compliant and well-maintained fleet, and we recycle 100% of our shredded paper waste.

Compliance manager, Carole comments -

“The latest ISO 14001 audit went very smoothly. This is a really pleasing result for us. Year on year, we strive to improve our environmental management and performance, and our ISO 14001 certification provides just the pat on the back we need. Certification makes sound business sense for us and for our customers, who are constantly looking for added value in Shredall SDS Group services. ISO 14001 means we have proven business credentials, including compliance with key legal requirements - vital to the waste industry - and are mindful of the wider context in which we do business”

Carole continues,

“As environmental considerations become increasingly important, our yearly environmental audits show our commitment to reducing pollution and running an ethical, ecologically sound business”

The latest NQA Report from our auditor quotes,


“The team have demonstrated that the business and its staff are environmentally focused and have demonstrated a good level of control. The management system was fully documented, controlled and considered effectively for the scope of activities and size of the business.”


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